Thomas the Tank Engine Train Party Games & Activities

thomas the train pinataGames and activities are always a fun aspect of any party because it is when everyone gets to have a good time and play – and what kid doesn’t want to do that? There are several fun Thomas the Tank Engine games and activities that every guest will enjoy. However, one of the simplest games that requires absolutely no preparation is a Thomas the Tank Engine play vehicle (as seen to the right). This little playhut is 38″ x 52″ x 26″ and allows the kids to run inside and pretend that they’re Thomas the Tank. It also makes a great decoration that all the kids will love! Here are a few more Thomas the Train party games for the kids.

Thomas the Tank Engine Bean Bag Toss
The partygoers can make a train like Thomas’ by using spare cardboard boxes or shoeboxes with the tops off. The kids can paint the boxes to look more like trains and add wheels out of cardboard or construction paper. Set the boxes up for whatever level of difficulty is appropriate for the ages of the guests. You can – either as a group or beforehand – create train tracks using duck tape. The kids stand on the train tracks and toss the beanbags into the boxes. 3 beanbags per turn is a good number, and you can add prizes for various feats such as tossing one beanbag into each box.

Conductor Relay Race
Divide your party guests into two teams, and have two laundry baskets filled with conductor clothes – a pair of overalls, a bandana and a conductor hat. Each guest puts on the clothes, strikes a pose, runs to the other side and has to make their best train whistle noise (you can purchase a train whistle if you want to give them a great train whistle. ). Then the runner has to run back and tag the next child in the line. Whichever team finishes first wins!

Follow Thomas the Tank Engine
You can play all the fun typical party games, and just add a Thomas the Tank Engine element to keep with the theme and fun! Instead of
thomas the train pinata “Simon Says,” your guests can play “Sir Topham Hatt Says.” An ordinary game of ‘follow the leader’ can easily be given a Thomas twist with each child being part of a train such as a locomotive, carriage, or caboose. The train can only follow a particular path – the tracks – or the train derails and the game momentarily stops as the kids get back on track.

Thomas the Tank Engine Piñata
What group of kids doesn’t like a piñata, especially when it’s filled with toys and candy? Why not include this ever-popular party game in your birthday boy or girl’s Thomas the Tank Engine extravaganza? You can get an official Thomas the Tank Engine or train shaped piñata that the kids can hit with the standard stick or bat. It is best to go with a pull-string pinata as these are durable enough for all the kids to hit. Then when everyone’s done they can pull a string to release the candy!
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End of the Party Winding Down Activities
At the end of the party the kids may be tired and waiting for their parents to pick them up. If this is the case and you’re looking for a low-key activity here are a few ideas to finish the party with the Thomas the tank theme.

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys
If the birthday boy or girl has requested a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party, it’s likely that this young fan of the series has Thomas and Friends toys. You can use these toys in games and activities such as Thomas the Tank Engine races if there are enough moveable toys for each guest. The kids can also act out episodes or scenes from the books, cartoons or movies, or create a story of their own! Encourage them to be as creative as possible when coming up with their own story lines. Again, this is a great way to get them to recreate the voices of the characters with this game.

You can easily download and print out free Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends coloring pages. This is always a fun, low-key activity. Depending on the age of the birthday group, you can also turn this time into a game. For older kids, make it a competition of coloring the fastest and neatest. For younger kids, have a judged contest where you offer everyone prizes based on various categories such as the fastest completed, the neatest colored and the most original coloring page. With the younger set, make sure that everybody wins given how easily little egos get so bruised. You can also purchase Thomas the Tank coloring/activity books which double as terrific party favors!

Story Time
For another low-key activity in between the high energy games, have the birthday boy or girl pick out his or her favorite Thomas story or cartoon. If the birthday child chooses a story and depending on the age group of the kids, you can include the whole group by having each child read one line of the story. Extra points can be given to children who read with the most animation or who are able to incorporate more of the characters’ voices into their ‘skit’.

Hopefully these Thomas the Tank train engine party games and activities keep your party fun and entertaining. If you hosted a Thomas the Tank engine party what games did you play?