Thomas the Tank Engine Train Party Invitations

thomas the train tank engine invitations
The birthday invitation invites the kids to the party and can also set the them of the party. Whether you choose to buy pre-made Thomas the Tank Engine invitations or create your own customized ones for your birthday boy or girl, they will make everyone excited for the upcoming event. We’ve listed a few Thomas the train party invitations below.

Pre-Made Thomas the Train Invitations
You can find great Thomas the Tank Engine invitations at Celebrate Express. At this site you can find a cute set of invitations featuring Thomas’ friendly face smiling up at your party guests with the words “All Aboard!” on the front. These sweet cards come 8 in a set with envelopes and also include 8 thank you cards!

Another option is this Thomas the train invitation which has a bit more of a retro feel to it. This image features Thomas the Train chugging along a railway track!

Handmade Invitations
Depending on how crafty you are and what supplies are available to you, there are several neat invitation ideas that you can create yourself.
thomas the train tank engine invitations

Handmade Invitation #1
What does everyone need to board a train? A ticket, of course! Take a standard piece of blue card stock and cut into four pieces. Make sure they are rectangular similar to a regular concert or sports event ticket. Then, put a red border on both sides. This can be done with various materials such as glue and glitter, red paper, felt, or pipe cleaners. Write or print “All Aboard the Birthday Express!” or “Full Speed Ahead to the Birthday Party!” on the front. Include the party details on the back, and be sure to either draw or glue on a print out of Thomas’ yellow number 1 somewhere on the invitation. You could also print out an image of Thomas’ recognizable face and glue that onto the invite as well. You can actually buy pre-made Thomas the tank ticket invitations below if you like the idea but don’t have the time to create the invitations.
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Handmade Invitation #2
For a slightly more involved version of Thomas the Tank Engine invitations, print out a side view of Thomas. Then, use a small image of the birthday boy or girl’s face, glue on a conductor hat, and place the image in Thomas’ window. Add pizzazz by gluing balloons attached to string that wraps around Thomas’ smoke stack, and creating wheels that turn with brass paper fasteners. Glue your creation onto the front of a folded piece of card stock or blank greeting card. On the inside, include the party details and any other designs you may want to add such as railroad tracks, railroad crossing signs or small cut outs of Thomas’ friends.

Handmade Invitation #3
Kids love pop-ups, so why not create a pop up birthday card? It’s actually much easier than one would think. Simply get a front-view picture of Thomas onto cardstock or heavier paper. Next, bend the bottom of the photo by 1/4-1/2 inch and glue that to the inside of the card. This piece should now pop-out when you open the card. Behind this piece you can create railroad tracks to make it look like he’s popping right out of the track!

If you hosted a Thomas the Tank Engine party what did you do for the invitations? Leave a comment below and let us know!