Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake

thomas the train tank engine cake
The cake is one of the main-features and highlights of many birthday parties and some people consider it to be the centrepiece of the party! There are several options for the centerpiece of your fantastic Thomas the Tank Engine party. If you have already used your resources (time) making decorations and party favors, you can purchase a pre-made cake from your local bakery and add a few Thomas the Train candles to the top. If you are planning on creating your own cake here are a few Thomas the tank ideas to choose.

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Cake
If you are adventurous and you want to be the coolest parent ever, you can make a 3-D Thomas cake (as seen to the right). Luckily, you don’t have to have any unique skill as the 3D-Thomas Tank Engine cake comes complete with a DVD instructing you how to create it! If you want to attempt this cake, be sure to follow the instructions on the DVD carefully and to take lots of pictures before the kids dig in!

Train Cake
For a simple train cake you can create a Train birthday cake. This is slightly easier than the 3D cake and made easier with a train shaped cake pan. Simply bake a cake in the cake pan and it’ll come out shaped as a train. You have to decorate it accordingly, we recommend using Thomas the Train colors such as blue, red and grey.

Thomas The Tank Engine Edible Image Cake
If you are looking for something simple that looks terrific than consider a Thomas and Friends edible image cake. You can purchase an edible image topper simply choose between various Thomas the Tank scenes. Then apply to a rectangular cake with white icing. The edible image topper is applied to the cake and creates the decoration!
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Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Toppers
Another easy Thomas the Train cake is to bake the birthday boy or girl’s favorite type of sheet cake and make a cute scene on top. YOu can make the scene with small Thomas and Friends toys ready to chug along an icing or black licorice railroad track.
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Thomas the Tank Cupcakes
You can create Thomas the tank cupcakes in a variety of different ways. One fairly easy way to create cupcakes are to create Thomas the Tank engine’s face on the cupcake. You can create grey icing by mixing a few drops of each color (red, blue, green and yellow) food coloring. Keep adding the food coloring in equal amounts till you have your desired shade of grey. Next, add Thomas eyes. These can be created using white chocolate melting wafers (the round ones) and a chocolate chip. You can add the nose with a dollop of grey icing. The mouth can be created from half of a white chocolate melting wafer. Finally, add eyebrows by using cutting triangles out of chocolate melting squares.

Thomas The Train Engine Edible Image Cupcakes
Similar to the edible image cake you can also create individual cupcakes with an edible cupcake image topper. The cupcake topper takes slightly more work as you have to apply the edible image to each cupcake, however, the results are extraordinary!
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As you can see, with just a few ideas, lots of creativity and of course time, you can create the best themed birthday party for your son or daughter.