Dr. Seuss Party Games and Activities

There’s fun to be done! Party games can make or break your party, so you must be creative and engaging. Customize the games so that they are age-appropriate and challenging at the same time. Games with a bit of thinking and physical activity will keep guests interested and competitive. And last but not least, all games must absolutely be silly! Keep party-goers laughing with games and activities that encourage guests to make silly noises, wear silly clothes or hats, and act or complete a challenge in a silly way. The most obvious party activity is a Dr. Seuss pinata. However, there are plenty of other games to consider such as Dr. Seuss’s I can do that Game or Dr. Seuss Memory game. If you’re looking for creative homemade party game ideas we have listed a below use these or expand upon them!

Get Your Dr. Seuss Rhyme Name Game
A fun way to start the party is to have the kids come up with a silly Dr. Seuss name and rhyme. Using their name (or a nickname) come up with a short and easy rhyme to go along with it. After they have their name and rhyme you can give them their Cat-in-the-hat Striped red hat. (The hat can be part of their Dr. Seuss party favors too!)

Quick Character Drawing Game
Dr. Seuss has some interesting characters with fur, feathers, stripes, stars, polka dots, long legs, short legs, lots of legs, and many other unusual features. Let children look at a few Dr Seuss books for ideas before starting this game. Then give each guest a sheet of paper and some pencils or crayons. Ask guests to start drawing a character of their own and set a timer for 1 minute. When the buzzer rings, each player passes his or her drawing to the person to the right. Follow the same drawing (for 1 minute) and passing procedure for 10-15 minutes, with each guest adding to the last person’s drawing. Check out all the silly and strange characters that were created!

A fun variation on this game is to get the kids to dress up in a strange Dr. Seuss character. Have a bunch of costume items together such as long socks, striped socks, short socks, big hats, little hats, striped hats, gloves, shorts and any other items. It’s best NOT to have pre-made costumes for this game but you could have a Dr. Seuss costume as a prize. To let the kids get really creative have a few pairs of scissors and some stickable foam sheets ready for cutting. They can cut out any shape they want and stick it to themselves!

Red Fish Blue Fish Toss
This game can be customized for any age and requires minimal set-up. You will need some fish (i.e. Swedish fish, goldfish crackers) and a large fish bowl. Position party guests about 10 feet from the bowl, and have them take turns tossing the fish into the fishbowl. How many fish actually make it in the fish bowl? Give prizes for accuracy. For older guests, extend the distance of the fishbowl from the players, or use a smaller fish bowl. You could even give each players a group of candy and the must make a red fish, blue fish & green fish land in a single fish bowl.

Ten Apples Up On Top
Create a super-simple, Dr. Seuss version of the favorite carnival game – Knock ‘Em Down. Save and clean out ten plastic containers (e.g., from sour cream, yogurt, butter, or cottage cheese) and tape a picture of an apple on each container. Stack the containers on top of one another in any arrangement you choose, line up the players, and give the first player a tennis ball. How many apples can each player knock down in one turn?

Cat in the Hat Relay
Any fan of the Cat in the Hat knows that he is very talented at balancing many, many things at one time. Create your own balancing relay race with even teams of 2 or 3. For each team, place several random objects (like an umbrella, some books, a few empty boxes, stuffed toys, a ball, a toy boat, a hat, and a pillow) at one end of the play area and place the teams at the other end. Player #1 from each team must run to the objects, stack them up, and balance them while running (or walking) back to Player #2. If an item falls, have players stack it back up and continue!

Pin the Moustache on the Lorax
There are a million variations of traditional Pin-the-Tail-on-the- Donkey that could be used for a Dr. Seuss party, such as: Pin the Hat (or bowtie) on the Cat, Pin a Heart on the Grinch, Pin the Fish in the Fishbowl, Pin the Star on the Sneetch, and so on. Which character will you choose? Choose the character that goes along with your party theme. Or you can choose your child’s favorite Dr. Seuss character!

Hopefully these ideas help to keep your Dr. Seuss party on top.