Dr. Seuss Party Decorations

Decorating for a Dr. Seuss party should be easy, fun, and colorful. Luckily, official Dr. Seuss party decorations are easy to find online. A great way to create a Dr. Seuss party theme is a few Dr. Seuss decorations combined with some homemade party decorations. One of the best decorations is a Dr. Seuss pinata as it’s also a great Dr. Seuss themed party activity.

Much like the rest of the party, think about bright colors, patterns, and prints that are bold and vibrant. You might want to arrange some red and white streamers around your front door to show guests where to enter for the party. Inside, use lots of colorful streamers, and a variety of colored balloons. If you’re choosing a Red Fish, Blue Fish themed party you can have red, green and blue balloons. If you’re themed is more catered to Cat in the Hat than white, red and black balloons are more appropriate!

Accent your decorations with a large cardboard character cut-out. You can create your own cutout by drawing the character or object on an appliance box (or large poster board) and color as appropriate. The easiest shape is the hat from Cat in the hat and you can paint it red, white and black. If you would like a Dr. Seuss wall decoration without doing yourself you have a lot of different options to consider. You can buy an actual Cat in the Hat cut-out or Dr. Seuss wall decal. Another idea is a Dr. Seuss poster from their favorite Seuss movie. Any of these options will make a great decoration in their bedroom after the party too!

Next, since Dr. Seuss is such a silly theme you can decorate the floor and ceiling! You can use red fish, blue fish and yellow fish. These are fairly easy to make with red, blue and yellow poster board. We recommend making a cardboard template and getting the kids to help cut-out the fish shape! You can also order some giant, vinyl cling polka-dots that stick to flat surfaces and can be removed easily after the party – place them on a path on the floor or stick them anywhere on your walls. It might also be fun (and helpful) to include Suess-style arrow signs that point in different directions to places like the bathroom, the food, the gift table, and so on. Guests will know just where to find what they are looking for!

The final thing that needs decorating is your party food table. With some of the left over fish cut-outs you can place those on the table. You can also purchase a baby Dr. Seuss tablecover which is not necessary but might be appropriate. Finally, don’t forget the Dr. Seuss tableware such as Paper plates, cups and napkins.

Hopefully these Dr. Seuss party decoration ideas help to get your party off to a great start. Remember, that decorations only really need to set the mood and get things going!