Dr. Seuss Party Favors

dr seuss party favorsA birthday party and especially a Dr. Seuss party would be incomplete without special themed party favors for all your guests. If you’re looking for the easiest and reasonably priced Dr. Seuss party favors than you can buy a pre-made Dr. Seuss party favor kit. You simply have to put all the contents in each box and write the names of the children on the boxes. The kit includes a Dr. Seuss party favor box, stickers, blowout, Dr. Seuss notepad, crayons and a bouncy ball. If you are looking to create homemade Dr. Seuss party favors we have listed a few ideas below.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas that make memorable gifts. In honor of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, visit your grocery store and look for single-serve gift packs of goldfish crackers or gummy candy fish. You can make your own packets with a few small brown paper bags and a few $0.05 candies. Next add a few fun toys to play with like a bouncy ball, blowout and even a few Dr. Seuss Pencils. To finish the bags add a bit of colored tissue paper and write the names of the children on the bag.

A fun Dr. Seuss favor idea that the kids will definitely enjoy is to start with a Dr. Seuss backpack. The backpacks are Dr. Seuss themed, relatively inexpensive and perfect for adding stuff inside! You can than add candy, notepads, bouncy balls and even a bit of baking. The main feature of this party favor is the backpack itself which the kids will love!

For an edible party favor option, make your own themed cookies or cupcakes for the guests to take home. Decorate the cookies with swirls of different colors or colorful polka-dot sprinkles. One great decoration is white frosting with red stripes or swirls to represent the Cat in the Hat. You can also make Green Eggs and ham style by frosting the cupcakes with white frosting and adding a green frosting circle for a Green Eggs and a pink circle for the Ham.

Fun school supplies make great party favors, too. Look for Cat in the Hat pencils, themed erasers, notepads, sticky pads, magnets, folders, notebooks and various other Dr. Seuss products. Remember, with the Dr. Seuss theme the only limit is your imagination… make it fun, wild and memorable and the kids will love it!