Dr. Seuss Party Food and Snack Ideas

dr seuss party paper platesYou can eat them in a train, on a plane, in a boat or with a goat….but wherever you eat them, you must have super-silly Dr. Seuss food and snacks at your party!

What is the obvious choice for food at this party? Well, green eggs and ham, of course. The classic way to make green-eggs and ham is green sunny-side up eggs and a lump of ham. However, you can almost be guaranteed that not all kids will like green eggs and ham. Although you may not be making green eggs you can still serve ham. A very easy food to make and serve is ham sandwiches.

You can red-fish, blue-fish, green-fish, yellow-fish veggie trays. Simply get a few small platters and cut up various veggies (yellow peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and blue-dyed cauliflower). Next, lay out the cut-up veggies in the shape of the fish.

To continue with more green themed food, make some Green Grinch Punch. This is easily done with green food coloring and 7-up. You can also use green kool-aid packages.

Finally, don’t forget you’ll want to save your clean up time and purchase Dr. Seuss tableware including paper plates, napkins, etc… We have listed a few items below.