Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

dr seuss cake topperAs with most things related to Dr. Seuss there are many options for a Dr. Seuss cake and you are only limited by your imagination! The easiest idea is to contact your local bakery and see if they’ll make a cake for you, however, this is also the most expensive option! Another simple idea is to bake a simple cake and place their favorite Dr. Seuss character figure on the top of the cake. You can also purchase Cat in the Hat candles pack (as seen to the right) which includes a small cake topper and striped candles! This is perfect for the Cat in the Hat themed party. We have listed a few other Dr. Seuss birthday cake ideas below. Some cakes will require more work and skills than others so be sure to choose a cake that fits your baking skills and time.

Green Eggs and Ham Cake
Bake a cake in a large cake pan and frost with white frosting. Next, bake two small round cakes and place them on the white cake and frost is with green icing. You will want to place the circles (yolks) on one side of the cake. Now add a piece of Ham to the cake. This can be done by baking another cake in a rectangular pan and carving it in the shape of a ham slice. Then ice with either pink or green icing.

Cat in the Hat Striped Hat Cake
The Cat in the Hat cake can be created in two ways. First, bake at least 4 round cakes. You want 1 of them to be deeper and wide than the other 3 if possible. Once cooled, stack them on top of each other and ice with alternating red and white icing. The second method is to bake a rectangular cake and then trim up the cake so that it’s in the shape of the Cat in the Hat. Then ice to make the red and white hat.

Dr. Seuss Cupcakes
Another simple idea is to create Dr. Seuss cupcakes. These are super simple to make and decorate and will turn out great. Simply bake a batch of cupcakes and ice with various colors of icing. Then you can place colored gummy-fish on the top of each cupcake. This creates the red-fish, blue-fish theme. Another idea is to buy cupcake toppers (as seen below) to decorate each cupcake. This also looks great and each child gets a small toy afterward.
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