Monsters Inc. Party Food and Snack Ideas

monsters inc pez dispenserWhen planning a Monsters Inc birthday party you’ll want to have enough food to feed all the little monsters! Tell them that they must be like Randall and make all the food disappear! Here are a few Monsters Inc. party food ideas.

Mike Wazowski Veggie Tray
You can create a Mike Wazowski character simply using vegetables. Using small pieces of broccoli make the Mike Wazowski shape leaving the eye portion empty. Add your ranch dressing dip to a clear bowl and place it in the middle of the eye. Now add a few cherry tomatoes for the eyes. For the mouth and teeth you can use cucumber and eggplant (not super great raw but it’s for the effect).

Mike Wazowski Sandwiches
Using round cookie cutters cut the round pieces of bread. On the top of each round sandwich add a ‘Mike Wazowski’ eye. This can be a piece of ham, cheese, lettuce or any other item inside the sandwich! You can create legs with small slices of green peppers.

Green and Blue Drinks: For green and blue drinks make green and blue Kool-aid. You can also purchase lemonade and color it with green and blue food coloring!

Green Rice Crispy Treats: Mix green food coloring into the marshmallows when making rice crispy treats to give them a slime color effect.

Monsters Inc. Tableware
Finally, don’t forget to include the Monsters Inc. paper plates, napkins and cups. These are definitely not a necessity but do look great on the party table! We have listed a few Monsters Inc supplies below.
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