Batman The Dark Knight Party Favors

batman dark knight party favorsThe Batman Dark Knight theme can have a wide-range of age options. Here are a few different Batman party favors that would be appropriate for various ages. Select party favors that you would think the kids would like or come up with something on your own!

There are pre-made party Batman Dark Knight favor packs available at Celebrate Express. They include the box that you can put together along with some stickers, a boomerang, a disc launcher and a ka-pow notepad and some crayons. These party packs are super simple because everything is already together, however, they may be a bit young for some parties.

Here are a few ideas that you can add to any Batman party favors, these are based on the Batman party games and activities. You can even start with a Batman backpack and then add the following items and some candy and you’ll have super popular party favors!

Joker/Two Face Pictures
Take the pictures that you took of the boys of the boys in their Joker and Two Face makeup and put them in a frame background and print them out. You can also make a collage of all the boys’ pictures and hand them out to the boys as the party is done.

And….Action! Video
The boys will LOVE to have a copy of their action videos! As they are out doing their “Knight Games” burn copies of the videos and have them ready to go. You don’t have to do any fancy editing. If you have the time to set some music to it, add some of the soundtrack to Batman The Dark Knight.

YouTube Spoofs
There are some hilarious YouTube spoofs on the internet. Put together a little info sheet with some of your son’s favorite spoofs. Here is a bunch of The Dark Knight spoofs. On the sheet let the kids know you hope they enjoyed the movie and the party. Let them know that the birthday boy found some of these spoofs funny and you hope they do too!

Finally, here is a selection of Batman merchandise all under $10 that the kids will love!

If you hosted a Batman party, what did you give out as party favors? Let us know in the comments below.