Batman the Dark Knight Party Decorations

batman dark knight wall decals

A great way to start the decorations is by hanging a Batman insignia right in the middle of the entrance door. Let the kids know the party theme before they even get in the door! You can even have the same thing on the middle of the food table (if you’re not using a Batman tablecover). You can create your own Batman insignia by cutting a circle out of a piece of construction paper. Next cut a bat-shape out of black-construction paper and glue it to the center of the yellow circle. The bat-shape can be created by tracing an enlarged Batman emblem. You can also purchase pre-made Batman insignia if you don’t have the time or creativity to make your own!

Batman Flashlights
A fun way to really bring out the Batman emblem is to create your own Batman call-sign. Simply get a flash-light (it must be a strong flashlight), tape and black construction paper. Simply take the construction paper and cut out a circle the exact same size as the end of the flash-light. Next, cut out a draw and cut-out a bat-shape from the black construction paper circle. Then tape the circle to the end of the flashlight and point it to the roof. You should have a Batman symbol showing through! This also makes a great craft project for the kids to complete at the party! You can also purchase pre-made Batman flashlights basically a pre-made batman symbol flashlight.

Another way to decorate the walls of the party venue is by purchasing removable Batman Dark-Knight wall decals. You can buy the decals in various Batman themes including Batman himself (as shown above) or even the new Batmobile car. Wall decals are great because after the party you can remove them and decorate your child’s room with them!

batman dark knight pinata
To decorate for a typical Batman theme with balloons you can create balloon clusters of yellow, black and even blue and hang them around the room where the main party will be. Add crepe paper in yellow and black as well. You can then add a few mylar balloons to the mix as kids love Mylar foil balloons.

Batman Pinata
A fun activity and decoration at any party is a pinata and this is no different with a Dark Knight party. The pinata add that element of excitement and anticipation especially at boys parties! We have listed a few different pinata options below. We recommend selecting a ‘pull-string’ pinata as they are the most durable pinatas which allows each of the boys at least a few swings at the pinata! Then when everyone’s done hitting the pinata you pull a ribbon to release the goodies! Be sure to hang the Pinata from a place where all the guests can see it when they enter the door (we recommend hitting the pinata outdoors though!)
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Decorate the Food Table
The final thing to decorate is the food table. Sprinkle bat confetti on the table and have either yellow and black plates, napkins, forks and cups or Batman Tableware (paper plates, napkins and cups).

Hopefully these decoration ideas help to create great party decorations. If you hosted a Batman Dark Knight party how did you decorate the room?