Batman The Dark Knight Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

dark knight cake topperYour choices of birthday cakes can run from the extreme to the simple. Here are a few ideas to choice from:

Batman The Dark Knight Cake Toppers
Purchase Batman Cake Toppers from Celebrate Express which include a Batman and Batmobile. Frost a sheet cake or round cake with blue icing. Pipe black icing in the outline shape of building alone the sides of the cake and put the cake toppers on the top.

Batman Insignia Shaped Cake
You can purchase a Batman insignia shaped cake pan. You can frost the background yellow and then frost the bat black. Or you can be even more creative and frost the entire cake white, then put yellow M&M’s for the background and black M&M’s for the bat.
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Use Action Figures
Simply frost a large sheet cake in dark blue to signify Gotham City at night and create an action scene from your birthday boy’s favorite characters using Batman Action figures. This is great because the cake toppers are than toys for your kids to play with after the party!

Batman Cupcakes
Batman cupcakes are also very easy to make frost them with either yellow or chocolate frosting and put a batman ring on the top of each one from Celebrate Express. It’s VERY quick and easy. Plus, you can purchase glow-in-the-dark Batman cupcake rings which the kids are guaranteed to love!

Batman Cupcake Edible Image Topper
Another option is a Batman Cupcake edible image topper which you simply apply by icing the cupcake and then applying the image. The result is a cupcake that looks great with a Batman theme on it!
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