Batman The Dark Knight Party Games and Activities

dark knight batman pinataThe Batman the Dark Knight party games are all about having fun, action and adventure. You can start the party off watching the movie, however, this isn’t for all parties as the kids are often too excited to sit through the film at the start of the party. You can also have a Batman video game for the kids to play while waiting for all the kids to arrive.

Once all the kids are at the party here are a few fun games to enjoy.

Put On Your Best Joker/Two Face
Go to the dollar store ahead of time and buy a good supply of make up or you can buy a great Halloween make-up kit online. Break the kids up in to groups of 2-4. Have them go in to different rooms where they can use a mirror and let them use the make up and come up with their best recreation of either a Joker or Two Face in 10 minutes. The rest of the boys will vote on the best of that group. Each winner of the groups will be brought in and a final winner and runner ups will win candy prizes. Be sure to take pictures of everyone. If the boys want to wash their faces off, go ahead and let them. You’ll be surprised though…they may just want to keep them on!

Relay Race
For this game, you will need the Batman Dark Knight masks. If not you don’t have official batman masks make your own before the party or you can get two ski masks with holes for eyes. The relay race will also need two pairs of large sweat pants and sweat shirts, two large pairs of rubber boots, and two black capes and two yellow belts. The idea here is to create two simple Batman costumes.

Split the kids in to two teams, and then split those two team in to two teams. Each team will start with the costume items in front of them. When you say go, they will put everything on, run down to the other team member, tag them, take everything off, the other team member will have to put everything on, run down to their other team member, tag them, and so on. The first team to finish wins. It’s a very simple game but kids love it!

Boys love to recreate scenes from movies, and it’s AMAZING how they can remember the lines and actions even after seeing it just once! You’ll need to borrow a few video camera from friends and neighbors (flip cameras are perfect for this). Split the boys in to groups of 4 or so and give them 20-30 minutes to go re-create their favorite scene from Batman The Dark Knight. Let them know they are welcome to put their own twist on it! Come back and hook it up to the computer or TV and have fun watching their creations! You can even upload them to YouTube for all their parents and friends to see later!

Batman Pinata
Parties aren’t complete without having a few good swings at a pinata. The Batman pinata is featured in the old-school Batman theme rather than the Dark Knight Batman. However, kids will still love to it them. Plus, since it’s a “pull-string” pinata it means it’s super durable so all the kids will get a few wacks at the pinata!

Big and BiggerDark Knight (Night) Game
Night games are one of the favorite traditions in our neighborhood. The Dark “Knight” theme is a great twist on night games! After you’ve had some snacks, send the boys out for some night games. The great side benefit is that it will give you time to put together some of the party favors that will be ready for the boys when they are done. Just remember to tell the boys to be respectful and not yell in the neighborhood!

Split the boys in to teams of 3 or 4. Start each team out with a paper clip. There goal is to go out to houses in the neighborhood and “trade up” for a bigger item. The person who they trade with must be willing to give up their item permanently. You must trade at least 8 times before you come back. The team with the biggest item when they come back wins!

If you hosted a Batman The Dark Knight party what games did you have at your party? Let us know in the comments below.