Batman The Dark Knight Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

batman the dark knight maskA really fun activity at a Batman The Dark Knight birthday party is a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts provide that excitement and anticipation that kids absolutely love. Here is a great way to have an activity that includes all the children, gets them outside in their neighborhood and keeps them active.

Instructions and Setup
The day before the party talk to your neighbors and tell them about your Scavenger Hunt. Remind them to only give 1 item per group of kids.

Split the boys in to team of 3 or 4 and give each team a list of items that they can find. While a few items they will be able to find on the street, most items they will have to find by going to neighbors homes. They can give the list to the neighbor and ask them if they have anything on the list they can give to them.

We’ve started a fun list below, which you can use or modify as you like. Remember that you’ll have to make sure that all items are something that neighbors are okay with giving up and not getting back. Alternatively, the kids can mark who gave them the item on their list and you can return within the next couple of days – this will make it easier if you are going to include to tougher items. Some items can be random, but some should fit in with the Batman Dark Night theme.

Make sure that the rules are very clear that they can only get ONE item per house. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt. All players on a team MUST stay together. The team with the most items from the list wins.

Scavenger Hunt List
– Six squares of toilet paper
– Foreign Coin
– Anything with Batman on it
– Picture of a clown
– Tube of Lipstick/Lip Gloss
– Ace Bandage
– Anything with a bat (the animal) on it
– A baseball bat
– An unlit candle
– An ice-cube
– A hockey mask
– A wig
– A picture of someone with Batman
– A cape
– Cumin
– A jester hat
– An overripe banana
– A Barney stuffed animal

Hopefully that gives you a good starting point – try to have an overabundance of items on the list – you don’t want to have a team get everything. The wackier items you can think of the better! If you have a tie, rate the five hardest items on the list and give tied teams five minutes to see if they can come back with any of the items – or the team who comes back with the most items wins. You can give the winners a small prize which could be anything from small party favors to the first few hits on the Batman Pinata!

For a different version of a Batman Scavenger hunt which is more geared toward an “adventure” check out the Batman Scavenger Hunt here.