Mario Kart Party Favors

mario kart party favorsAlthough Mario Brothers games have been around for decades, until recently it was a bit of a challenge to find good party favors in the Mario theme. Fortunately, there are now a good number of choices on the market that will make putting your Mario Kart party favors together a lot easier and funner for the kids!

The simplest choice and a sure hit with your party guests is to pick up these ready to use Mario Kart party favor boxes from Celebrate Express, $4.99 each. They come with a variety of great Mario Kart items to fill each box; there are Mario Kart stickers, Mario Kart tattoos, a barrel of black play slime and a car eraser in addition to a snap and glow stick. Put one of each item in the licensed Mario Kart for Wii boxes, and you have fabulous party favors ready to go. If you’re looking for a more general Super Mario themed party favors than check out the Super Mario party favors which include similar items but not so specific to Mario Kart.

If you are having a small party and don’t mind spending a little more on a party favor for each child, pick up a Mario Kart t-shirt for each child from Celebrate Express. Priced at $14.99 each, they are a little steep for a large party, but with only a few guests they are a great way to send each child home with a party favor they are sure to use and enjoy for some time. Ensure that you ask each child’s parent for accurate sizing info before you order since it will be harder to return them once they have already been given to the guests!

Another quick and easy party favor you can pick up online is a set of Mario Kart Pull-Back racing karts, sold on Amazon for $14.99 for six. Let each child choose their favorite character, or if you are concerned about disagreements, decide who gets what ahead of time and let them trade later if they want to. These fun karts will not only be great party favors but the kids will have a blast racing them at the party and in the Mario Kart party games, so consider giving them out early and letting the kids have fun with them!
mario kart stickers
Super Mario Kart Themed Candy
A great party favor for any party is candy. Luckily, you can find Mario Kart themed candy and lots to choose from! You can choose a Mario characters candy dispensers which are a popular item among kids. Another option is to give out a metal tin of gum in the shape of a Wii remote control.

Homemade Mario Kart Party Favors
If you are throwing your Mario Kart party on a tight budget or simply prefer to do something a little more homemade, you can put together simple but enjoyable party favor bags right at home. Pick up some blue or red favor bags from your local dollar store, or even use plain brown paper lunch bags, which you can decorate with the Power Up question mark using a marker. Fill these bags with small items such as a few candies, some Mario Kart stickers, and some small race car erasers or other themed items you can easily pick up for very little cash at the dollar store as well. These will cost less and please party guests just as much!

Hopefully these ideas and tips help to create terrific party favors for your guests. If you’ve hosted a Mario Kart party please leave a comment and let us know how you did the party favors!