Mario Kart Party Food and Snack Ideas

mario kart platesThe food is always one of the standouts at any party, and there are plenty of ways you can keep the Mario theme alive with the snacks you serve at your event. Start with the basics and then try some other fun ideas to keep the guests as entertained by the food as they are by the video game itself. With everything from a hearty Italian meal to light snacks and sweet treats, this party food offers something for every appetite and every taste.

Italian favorites
Mario and his brother Luigi are Italian, so of course a table laid with Italian fare will fit the theme and also be a big hit. Some of the great ideas you can try are pizza, lasagna, ravioli, and of course spaghetti, although some of it might become a bit messy with all that tomato sauce! Be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand for cleaning up faces and hands! Some other simple snack foods you can add as appetizers include fried mozzarella sticks and slices of pepperoni and salami. Of all the choices, we highly recommend personal homemade pizza’s. That way the kids can create their own pizza and the picky eaters don’t need to be tailored to as much!

Coin cheese and crackers
Create coin-themed snacks with coin shaped crackers and cheddar cheese. Cut the cheese into ovals and look for crackers that are oval as well. If you can, find crackers that have a golden color to them. The Town House Flipsides pretzel crackers have the right shape and color and are also a little different from the average cracker; your guests are sure to enjoy them!

Power Up squares
Whip up a batch of the classic Rice Krispie treats, or you can even buy them pre-made. If you make them yourself, cut them into squares. With either homemade or store bought frosting, preferable in yellow, use a bag and piping tip to create a question mark on the top of each square. For homemade treats, you can make each a different type of Power Up by adding different extra ingredients such as chocolate chips or miniature M&M’s candies. Make a big batch, because these popular treats are sure to go fast!

Mario themed cookies
Get out your cookie sheets and bake up some tasty treats with a Mario Kart theme. Start with some simple round chocolate cookies, which you can decorate with white icing to create kart wheels – simply add the spokes of the wheel in the middle of the cookie. Create star cookies using that star cookie cutter from your Christmas cookie cutter set. You can also purchase Super Mario cookie cutters from below.
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Italian sodas
Offer your guests a delicious beverage that they’ve probably never tried and that fits the Mario and Luigi Italian theme with Italian sodas. Pick up a variety of different flavored syrups, such as the Torani syrups usually used by coffee shops. Then let each guest pick a flavor and add it to a tall cup filled with ice and soda water for an individual Italian drink! Mixing and matching the syrup flavors is a fun way to try different combination’s and tastes. Traditionally, Italian sodas include a splash of milk or cream, but you can make them with or without, whichever you prefer.

Finally, you will want to ensure you’re using paper plates, napkins and cups to reduce on the amount of clean-up. You can purchase Mario Kart Tableware which is themed to include Mario, Donkey Kong and Toad on the Plates, Napkins and cups! You can decorate the table with Mario Kart activity placemats which have fun games on the back for the kids!

If you hosted a Mario Kart party what did you serve? Let us know in the comments below!