Mario Kart Party Invitations

mario kart party invitationsLet people know you are planning a Mario Kart party extravaganza as soon as they open the envelope with the perfect invitation. The invitation is where a party theme begins, so it is one of most important items for setting the scene and letting your guests know what to expect when they arrive. There are a few great ways to go about getting the word out. If you want to keep things simple, you can easily go with the officially licensed Nintendo Super Mario Kart invitations, $3.59 for eight, available at Celebrate Express. Featuring the easily recognizable Mario himself on the cover racing in his go kart, these are a great choice for any Mario Kart birthday party. They are included in a number of the available Mario Kart party packs as well to help you save money when you put your party together. You can also find a normal Super Mario Invitation party invitation which has a picture of Mario jumping. It’s not a Mario Kart themed invitation but fits any Super Mario party!

Mario Kart VIP Ticket Invitations
Another great Mario Kart Invitation idea is a VIP ticket to the party. You can find these invitations below which are approximately the size of a VIP pass to any concert or party. They are customized with your party details with a Mario Kart image on the front. Kids love these as they feel that they have a special pass to get into the party!
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Homemade Mario Kart Invitations
If you are the do it yourself type and enjoy making your own invitations, you can easily create them on your computer and print them out. This will allow you to customize them to exactly your specifications and print them with all of the party info already in place, so you won’t have to fill them out by hand. A great place to start is by downloading some Super Mario Brothers clip art, and then choosing the images you want to use for your invitations. Use racing inspired language for your invitation to set the Mario Kart theme. Consider options like “Start your engines and roll on over!” or “Race around the track to a birthday party!”

For a simple homemade Mario Kart invitation, create a square card from heavy card stock and draw a question mark on the front to resemble the “power up” squares on the Mario Kart race track. Inside write “Power Up and Race on Over!” followed by the party information. This easy to make invitation will be easily recognized by anyone who has ever played a Mario Brothers game and is sure to bring out a smile! To make the cards more authentic try to make a checkered pattern on the front of the card in different colors like a Mario Kart power up cube.

Another easy homemade invitation is a Mario or Luigi hat. Simply cut out the shape of the Super Mario hats the two brothers wear from red or green construction paper depending on whether you want Mario or Luigi. You can also do a mix of each, or create an invitation that is red on the front and green on the back by gluing the two together. With either white paint or a white crayon, draw the letter M on the red hat and the letter L on the green one. You can then write the party information right over the letter, or on the back of the paper. A fun twist on this invitation is to actually create Mario and Luigi hats from painter hats, clothing dye and white fabric. Include a special message taped to the inside of the hat and tell the kids they have to wear their hats to the party!

Hopefully these ideas help to create Super Special Mario Kart invitations for your party. If you’ve hosted a party and created your own invitation please let us know about it in the comments!