Mario Kart Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

The birthday cake is always the biggest part of any party, and when carry it out to the guest of honor you want to be sure the response is fabulous. There are plenty of great ways you can create the perfect Super Mario Kart themed birthday cake, no matter what your level of cake decorating skill or how much time and effort you want to put into it. Choose from several great options for either impressive cupcakes or a cake that will wow all of your guests.

Mario’s Hat Cake
Using two round cake pans, create a cake with two layers. Cut at a diagonal through the top layer of the cake to create the slope of Mario’s hat, and then carefully take the wedge of cake you have cut off and place it at the front of the cake underneath the tall end to create the bill of the cap. This might take some fiddling to get the right look but you should be able to create a Mario hat. Frost the entire cake with dark red frosting, and then use white frosting to pipe the letter M onto the front of the cap.

Super Mario Cake
You can create a Super Mario cake using a Super Mario cake pan. This cake takes a bit of work decorating but not in the design. Simply create a normal cake batter and pour in your cake pan. You will have a cake in the shape of Super Mario. To finish the cake ice it with blue, red and white to make it resemble Mario.
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Personalized Mario Kart Cake
If you want something with a lot of detail but don’t have the skill to create it, consider ordering an edible cake topper image that can easily be placed right on top of any sheet cake, homemade or store bought. A Mario Kart edible image can be purchased for only $8.99, and is personalized with the birthday child’s name. Without much effort of even much cost, you will have a perfect cake that is sure to please your little Mario fan.
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Race track cake
On a basic sheet cake, you can easily create the Mario Kart race track scene. Frost with green frosting for the grass and use black frosting or fondant if you are feeling brave to create the race track. Top your Mario Kart race track cake with a couple of the Mario Kart pull-back race cars to finish the look, and you have an easy to make but exciting race track cake your birthday boy or girl will absolutely love; and the cake topper is even a toy you can play with when the frosting is wiped off!

mario kart cupcake boxes
Mario Kart Cupcakes
Many people today choose cupcakes as a great option for a birthday cake. They provide easy single servings and are easier to decorate than a large cake. There are some quick and easy ways to create basic Mario Kart themed cupcakes, even if you have never seen a piping tip in your life. As an added bonus you can purchase Mario Kart Cupcake Boxes so each child can have their own cupcake to take home! This is not necessary but can be a cheap (inexpensive) addition to the Mario Kart party favors.

Simple Mario Kart Figure Cupcakes
Bake up the cupcakes of your choices and top with whichever frosting color you prefer – red and blue are great choices. Then simply top each cupcake with one of the different mini Mario figures.. The action figures themselves will make up for the cost since they can be played with long after the last crumb is gone!

Shell cupcakes
Option 1: If you have the skill or even just want to give decorating a try, you can easily do a Mario Kart themed set of cupcakes that will impress everyone by creating shell cupcakes. Frost each cupcake with either red, green or blue frosting. Then pipe a white edging around the rim of the cupcake top. Finally, use thin lines of black decorator gel to create the thin turtle-like lines on the surface of the shell. These easy to make cupcakes will impress everyone at the party!
Option 2: Create chocolate turtles from Chocolate Turtle molds. You can create different color turtles by using food coloring and white chocolate to get green and red turtles!

Mario Kart Cupcakes
Another easy Mario Kart cupcake option is to use some of the many pre-made Mario Kart themed merchandise. You can purchase cupcake toppers, cupcake picks and edible cupcake images. With all these options you simply bake cupcakes and ice as normal and then apply your desired topping!
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