Mario Kart Party Decorations

mario kart mylar foil balloons Decorating for the party is what turns your home or other party location from an everyday place to a perfectly set scene to match your party theme. There are plenty of great ways to decorate for a Super Mario Kart themed birthday party, no matter what your budget or creativity level. From an all in one store bought decorations set to completely homemade décor, you can create a colorful and fun setting that will suit the Mario Kart theme.

Make it easy on yourself and turn your party venue into a Mario Kart filled heaven when you order an all in one Mario Kart party pack that includes all of the plates, cups, napkins and other tableware as well as a selection of decorations. Starting at $23.99 at Celebrate Express, the party packs range from the budget friendly basic pack that includes all of your tableware, balloons, and invitations. From there you can upgrade your party pack to include a variety of other options. At the top end of the choices, the Ultimate Party Pack leaves you with very little else to take care of; it includes tableware, candles for the cake, confetti, balloons, a piñata and fillers for it, wall decorations, favors and more. The various options make it easy to fit into any party budget and create the level of Mario Kart décor that you prefer for your party venue. You can choose your party pack based on the number of guests, time availability and party venue size.

If you prefer to piece together the items you want for your party, you can order a variety of Super Mario Kart decorations individually and simply purchase the tableware together. The Mario Kart Giant Wall Decals are so cool, your child will want to keep them up forever. In fact, they make a great decoration for their room after the party too! Of course, you can also choose to go with a smaller Mario Kart wall decals which some consider to be less obtrusive.

You can also find cheap and easy decorations by choosing a “racing theme” and supplementing the decorations with Mario Themed Party Supplies as desired. We recommend looking for checkered flag décor to add to the theme. You can often find these at your local dollar store or on Amazon here.

Don’t forget to welcome the honored guests whose birthday it is to the party with a fabulous Happy Birthday banner that can’t be missed. A personalized Mario Kart birthday banner (as seen below), starting at $15.99 from Celebrate Express, will certainly get the message across and be very much appreciated. A checkered flag birthday banner is another great option that will fit the Mario Kart theme perfectly and can be created on your computer by printing out a checkered pattern and spelling out the words Happy Birthday!

mario kart party banner

Homemade Mario Kart Decorations
Create your very own Mario Kart racetrack on the floor using large black poster paper sheets. Lay out “question mark” squares and tape them down to make sure they stay in place. Make it several sheets wide and then use strip of white tape to make a dividing center line. This can then be used later on for the Mario Kart party games. Your course can be a basic circle course or as complex as you want. Your guests will have a blast racing around the room!

Another idea is to create your own wall-decorations. Start with some construction paper and some colored markers and set to work creating some of the simple images from the Mario Kart world. Make gold coins, Power Up bricks with question marks on them, and the well known shells from the Mario game, all easy to draw and color even if you aren’t the world’s best artist. Hang them up all over the walls to quickly transform your party venue into Mario’s world. Save on the tableware by picking up a cheap red and white checkered tablecloth and setting it with blue plates and cups.

Hopefully these decoration ideas help to create a great looking party venue. If you’ve hosted a Mario Kart party please let us know how you decorated it in the comments!