Tom and Jerry Party Favors

tom and jerry party favorsParty favors are a highlight of most birthday parties. The kids love receiving a package of goodies and toys to play with and take home. This is no different with a Tom and Jerry party. Be sure to write the kids names on all the party favor bags or boxes so the kids know which ones are theirs!

Pre-made Tom and Jerry Party Favors
CelebrateExpress has official Tom and Jerry Party Favors. They are reasonably priced at $4.99 per box and includes a box with bright blue with yellow stars and contains a Tom and Jerry sticker sheet, a Tom and Jerry ring, Noise Putty, a Glitter Ball, a Play Whistle and Pop Rocks.

Here are a few other party favor ideas that you can create fairly easily and won’t cost too much!

Team Tom and Team Jerry
You can buy two different colors of party favor bags, and label one ‘Team Tom’ and another ‘Team Jerry.” When the kids divide into teams at the beginning of the party for the Tom and Jerry party games, they can do so by picking their favor bags. The contents will be relatively the same, except for the ears and bandanas.

Tom and Jerry Ears
Get a back of plain colored headbands from your local department store. At the same time, pick up some brown, grey and pink craft foam and some tacky glue. Count how many party guests you have and divide that number in half. If there are 8, you will be making 4 pairs of Tom ears and 4 pairs of Jerry Ears. For Tom, cut out grey triangles and line them with pink. For Jerry, cut out brown circles and line them with pink. You can then tacky glue or fabric glue them to the headbands, and include them in your party favor bags. The kids can wear these during the party activities to show their team spirit.

Tom and Jerry Bandanas
Buy one plain colored bandana for each party guest from your local craft store. Buy them in two colors, one for each team. Using a permanent marker, write “Team Tom” on one color and “Team Jerry” on another in big block letters.

The kids can wear these during the activities of the day, and can even be used to develop a Tom and Jerry modification of “Capture the Flag”, assuming the weather permits. Make a flag with a picture of cheese on it that the “Jerrys” must steal from the “Toms.” The kids should tuck their bandanas in their pockets and if a child from the other team is able to pull their bandana out, they go to jail until they are rescued by a teammate.

Tom’s Favorite Kitty Chow
Buy some Chex mix or create your own and create “Tom’s favorite kitty chow” treat bags. Chex-mix can be made fairly easily by combining: Cheerios, pretzels, gold-fish, corn-chips and shreddies in a big bowl. In another bowl combine 1/2 cup melted butter and a package of onion soup mix. Pour over the other ingridents and bake in the over for 1 hour at 225 F. Once cooled scoop it into mylar bags for each party guest. Print out a label for each bag with a picture of Tom looking happy with the words, “Tom’s Favorite Kitty Chow” next to him. This can double as a snack and party favor.

Tom and Jerry Cookies and Candy
Another treat and party favor could be little baggies of Swedish Fish or other fish shaped fruit snacks. Another fairly simple idea is to create Tom and Jerry shaped cookies using Cat and Mouse cookie cutters. Simply bake a batch of sugar cookies and cut the shapes out of the dough. The cookie cutters can also be added to the party favors for the guests to make their own at home!

Remember, that the party favors don’t have to be crazy complicated, expensive or elaborate. You can simply provide a paper bag with a sheet of random stickers, candy and a Tom and Jerry keychain and the kids will love it!

Hopefully these ideas help to create terrific party favors for your kids. If you hosted a Tom and Jerry party what did you give out as party favors?