Tom and Jerry Party Food and Snack Ideas

tom and jerry paper cupsEvery great party can be enhanced by a great menu, and your child’s Tom and Jerry Birthday party is no exception. You may find yourself wondering what to serve a group of kids who enjoy watching the antics of a cat and a mouse. Your options are fish, fish-shaped treats (can someone say Fishy crackers), and cream to represent Tom’s tastes. For Spike, their bulldog friend, you can make bone shaped treats. For Jerry – just be cheesy. Here are a few party food ideas to consider for your party!

Cheese Feast
Make your party guests a cheese feast! This is a great option whether you’re a chef or can barely microwave soup. Make a batch of macaroni and cheese, whether from scratch or from a box. Buy Cheetos, cheese puffs, cheese pop corn, cheezits, or some other cheesy cracker, chip, or snack. For a slightly healthier option, get baked Cheetos or cheesy rice cake crisps. Make grilled cheese sandwiches, again, as simple or elaborate as you want. There should be one sandwich for each party guest, one serving of mac and cheese and one handful of cheesy snack. These kids will love this cheesy feast, almost as much as if they’d snuck it out from under Tom’s nose!

Cheese Fondue
What’s the best way to get kids to eat their veggies – or anything else for that matter? Smother it in cheese! To give your party guests a real, cheesy treat, make them a cheese fondue.

With your fondue, serve cooked broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mini corndogs, biscuit bites, soft pretzels and any other treats that taste great in cheese that you feel compelled to add. Though a bit messy, a cheese fondue would be a birthday meal that the guests talk about for years to come!

Peanut Butter and Jerry Sandwiches
If cheese isn’t quite your child’s thing, there are other options. Making peanut butter and jelly with cream cheese, either flavored or plain and call them “Peanut Butter and Jerry sandwiches.”  You can use a cookie cutter to make these into shapes that go with your theme!

Fish Sticks or Sandwiches
If Tom’s feline tastes appeal more to your Birthday party guests, you can serve fish sticks or fish sandwiches – a classic crowd pleaser.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, with its multitude of flavors, not only appeals to Tom’s tastes in dairy, but uses Jerry’s name. If you really want to get into the spirit, buy a bunch of the tiny servings of ice creams they sell at grocery stores and cover the label “Ben and Jerry.” The new label should read, “Tom and Jerry.”

Drink Ideas
Tom loves creamy, delicious drinks. Serve milk, malted milk or cream soda. If there were a way to drink cheese, your party guests would be all over it. You could also look at doing a Tom & Jerry special mug or cup.

Hopefully these food and snack ideas give you a head-start on your Tom and Jerry party food! If you hosted this party theme what did you serve as food? Let us know in the comments below.