Tom and Jerry Party Activities and Games

Tom and Jerry are always up to something and that’s the way your party should be organized too! Be sure to keep the kids active and stimulated. At the start or end of the party when kids are arriving or just leaving you can have something a little less active like a Tom and Jerry DVD or Tom and Jerry Video game.

Tom and Jerry Pinata
A fun activity at any party is a party and this is especially true with the dynamic-duo of Tom and Jerry. The great thing about today’s pinata’s are they are typically “pull-string” pinatas meaning they’re super durable so all the kids will get a few wacks out it! Then when everyone’s done they pull a string to release the goodies! Here are a few Tom and Jerry pinatas.

Tom and Jerry Charades
Of course, one of the activities that your child’s party guests would love, are a couple of Tom and Jerry cartoons to sit and enjoy while they are having something yummy to eat. When they have finished watching the cartoons, they can play Tom and Jerry charades. This modification on the original game would call for teams of two.

Your job would be to write up cards with scenarios for the kids to act out. If you need a few ideas, watch some Tom and Jerry. Each card should have a Tom and Jerry idea on it, like, “Tom chases Jerry with a baseball bat, and then Jerry uses trip wire to stop him.” The kids will have blast acting out these crazy scenarios.

They can be simplified or complicated based on the kids’ ages. Each team will draw a card and act it out. The other children will have to guess which child is playing which character, and what each is doing.

tom and jerry costume
Relay Races
Children want to be active (okay we want them to be in order to burn off all that extra sugar we know they are eating at parties), so why not let them have a relay race? The whole idea is to see who can get from one side of the party area, run to the other end, and then back again, in the fastest time. Divide the children into two teams – one team will be the Tom team, and the other team the Jerry team. Hopefully this can be done outside, as it would provide more space. Also, you could set up obstacles, like slip and slides or baby pools full of jello. Outside, messes are less prolematic, so the kids can carry eggs on spoons, or hit each other in the face with pies.

Another alternative to this is to make it a dress-up relay race. Using Tom and Jerry costumes you can have the kids race to one area and get dressed up in a Tom and/or Jerry costume. Then spin a 10 times on a base-ball bat, climb under a chair, over a chair and eat a piece of cheese. Then tag the next member of their group and they must repeat the process.

The winning team can get some kind of prize, this can be something simple like candy or a little more complex like a Tom and Jerry figurine.

Cheese Tasting
This snack idea can be a fun game. Have a few different types of cheeses cut into bite-sized pieces. Each child is has to hold their hands behind their backs blindfolded. The kids must use only their mouths to pick up and eat the cheese. You can also have the kids guess the type of cheese that they eat for extra points!

tom and jerry coloring book
Coloring Pages
Tom and Jerry Online has a big collection of free Tom and Jerry coloring pages for you to print out. You can print one out for each of your child’s guests. Get a big box of crayons and let them go to town. Kids love to color and social coloring is no exception. You can also purchase a Tom and Jerry coloring book if you want something more official looking.

Pin The Eyes on Jerry (or Tom)
Get a piece of tag board from your local department store or Office Supplies store. Use markers to draw Tom and Jerry, preferable chasing each other around. You can also, if you are not the most artistic type, print out their images – there are literally hundreds of one chasing the other! Color them in, and use another piece of tag board to make pieces of cheese and baseball bats. To win this game, the kids need to pin both items onto the board in the right place, while blind folded. The cheese goes in Jerry’s hands, and the bat in Tom’s. The child to get both items closest to where they need to be will win a prize! This will lead to all sorts of silliness, and fun. The kids will love this Tom and Jerry spin on a popular party game. You could also use the pre-made one to the left and then pin the eyes, nose and mouth on them! How fun!

If you hosted a Tom and Jerry party what games did you play? Let us know in the comments below!