Tom And Jerry Party Decorations

tom and jerry wall decal party decorations
Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a party by its balloons. A great party atmosphere can make a world of difference, and decorations are the place to start! So be sure to create terrific looking Tom and Jerry party decorations.

Decorate the Party Food Table
The Tom and Jerry plates, cups, and napkins are available in sets for less than 5 dollars each. These not only make the clean-up after the party MUCH easier but also has the kids more excited about the food!

The absolute coolest decoration, and also most expensive, is the Tom and Jerry giant wall decals. The one nice thing about the giant wall-decal is the fact that after the party your child can put in their room to decorate it! The wall decals is bright, colorful, looks like Tom and Jerry and is over 3 feet tall! What a wonderful surprise addition to your already wonderful Tom and Jerry Party!

Homemade Tom and Jerry Decoration Ideas
After spending some of your money on the Tom and Jerry party supplies you will want to create a few decorations from scratch or from available supplies in the house. One idea is to choose the three main Tom and Jerry colors such as grey, brown and red. Decorate the party area with these bright colors, and print out a picture or two from Tom and Jerry to be centre-pieces, posters and other accent points.

Create Speech Bubbles
As a finishing touch to your colors and or wall-decal you can create Speech Bubbles. These are fairly easy to make using white paper or tag board, scissors and black felt marker. Simply cut out big speech bubbles and paste them on the wall. On each one write sayings like, “Youch,” “Meow,” and “Gasp.” Kids can pose by these for pictures. Although this isn’t super colorful it will make your party room look like it came right out of a cartoon show.  The ones with the chalk (like to the left) are great because the kids can take turns writing what they want!

If you hosted a Tom and Jerry party, how did you decorate the room?