Tom and Jerry Birthday Cake

tom and jerry cake topper
The highlight of any child’s party will of course be the birthday cake. The challenge here is to tie it into your theme successfully. Luckily, you have this party guide to help you make the Tom and Jerry cake of your child’s dreams.

Tom and Jerry Cake Topper
Bake your child’s cake yourself from scratch and frost the cake in bright and/or primary colors. Next add a Tom and Jerry cake topper (as seen to the right) to the top of the cake. You now have a well decorated and simple to create birthday cake!

Tom and Jerry Edible Image
Another very simple cake idea is using edible image toppers. Simply bake a rectangular cake and ice with white icing. Then apply an edible image cake topper to the top of the cake. The edible image toppers are available in a variety of different scenes.

Flavor Ideas
A few variations on the classic Birthday cake idea that are relevant to your Tom and Jerry theme would be either a cheesecake or a milk cake. Very often, the morsels that Jerry tries to steal out from under poor Tom’s nose are cheese, or milk. Cheesecake’s flavor may be too mature a taste for some kids. The more unique and VERY tasty option is Three Milk Cake with Condensed Milk syrup.

Tom’s Bowl Cake
For another fun cake idea, make your favorite flavor of cake in a round and square cake pan. Once they are cooled, frost the sides of the round cake in red and write “Tom” on the side with black squeeze icing. Frost the top of the round cake with white to look like cream in his bowl.

Cut the square cake in half diagonally. This will form 2 triangles. Frost them in yellow and draw black “holes” on them with the squeeze frosting. They will look like giant cartoon pieces of cheese. Use toothpicks to secure them on the top of the round cake so they look like Jerry’s cheese sitting in Tom’s bowl.

Tom and Jerry Cupcakes
Another easy and fun idea for the birthday cake is creating colorful and fun cupcakes. You can create these fairly easily by adding simple cupcake toppers or even Tom and Jerry cupcake wrappers. Kids love the cupcakes as they have a fun toy after eating their cupcake!