Ironman Birthday Cake

iron man cakeThe birthday cake is usually the main feature at any of the party. This is no different with the Iron Man Birthday cake. Remember, if you’d rather leave the party cake to the professionals, talk to your local bakery about creating an Iron Man themed cake. This can be an expensive option, but it will leave you with more time to focus on the other party details. If you prefer to make the cake yourself, here are some ideas for eye-catching cakes that aren’t too difficult to prepare but will make a big hit with kids:

Iron Man photo cake
Find a great, high-resolution photo of Iron Man and have it printed out as a stunning, full-color edible icing sheet. If you know how to alter images on your computer, you can add a birthday message over top of the photo, then upload the completed image to Icing Images, a company that can print the image onto a smooth sheet of icing that can be laid on top of a sheet cake. They will ship the icing sheet to you when it’s printed. If you don’t know how to manipulate the image on your computer, you can simply write the birthday message on top of the image using a squeeze bag of icing. All you need to do is bake and frost a simple sheet cake and lay the pre-printed icing sheet on top. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made edible cake image below. These are simple to put on a square cake and look great!
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Iron Man glowing Arc Reactor cake
This is a dazzling variation on the cake idea above. In this version, you need to find an image of Iron Man where he’s facing forward, like the one found here. Crop the image to focus on Iron Man’s face and upper torso and have a large image printed on an icing sheet. Just before bringing the cake out for the guests, place a round mini LED light over top of the Arc Reactor on Iron Man’s chest and turn it on. Turn out the lights and bring out the cake, with Iron Man’s Arc Reactor glowing in the dark.

Iron Man Mask Cake
This is a simple but stunning cake that can be made with a simple oval cake pan and two-colored frosting. Bake one or two oval cakes, depending on the number of guests. Use an oval or egg-shaped baking pan. If you’re using two cakes, sandwich them together with frosting. Use red and yellow-tinted vanilla frosting to recreate the Iron Man mask. It’s a fairly simple arrangement of geometric shapes, so it’s a frosting job that anyone can do. Then use a squeeze tube of black or chocolate icing to add the details of the mask—the eye and mouth slits. If you want to go for something a little more deluxe, purchase a jar of edible gold luster dust on Amazon. Cover the entire cake in deep red frosting and then create a simple wax paper stencil for the gold areas of the mask. Lay the stencil on the cake and sift gold dust over it to create a two-tone red and gold mask. Use black or chocolate squeeze-tube icing for the eye and mouth slits. For the ultimate touch, use a glow stick in place of icing for the eye slit. After you’ve finished frosting and decorating the cake, activate the glow stick and lay it in position across the mask to create the glowing eyes of the Iron Man mask.

Iron Man Cupcakes
A quick and simple cake idea is to make cupcakes for the party rather than a cake. With cupcakes you can buy Cup cake toppers or edible icing images for the top of the cupcakes. This makes the cupcakes look great and easy to put together! Here are a few different Iron Man cupcake topper ideas to consider.
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