Ironman Party Decorations

ironman wall decal decorationThe easiest way to dress up the party room for an Iron Man party is to go with the Iron Man colors of gold and burgundy. Decorate the room with gold and burgundy streamers and balloons, and accent the room with official foil Iron Man balloons and Iron Man posters. You can also set the snack table with burgundy and gold tablecloth, paper plates and cups.

Another great idea is a giant (22” x 30”) Iron Man wall decal that you can use to decorate the party room (seen on the right)? It’s available on Amazon for $39.99. Although it’s a pricey item, you can peel it off after the party and use it as a permanent decoration for the birthday child’s bedroom. Alternatively, you can buy a custom Ironman party banner where you can print your child’s name and age!

Homemade Ironman Party Banner
You can also print out a great-looking party banners from your computer. Choose a blocky font like Arial Black on your computer and print out one giant letter per 8 ½” x 11” sheet. Alternate burgundy and gold letters to print out a birthday greeting. When all the letters are printed out, fold the top of each sheet over a length of clear fishing line and staple it in place. Hang the birthday message from the ceiling in an arc.

Ironman Tony Stark Laboratory
Recreate Tony Stark’s high-tech laboratory in the party room using cardboard, aluminum foil or silver reflective gift wrap, and LED lights. Cover cardboard sheets or boxes with silver wrap and poke holes to feed control panel lights from the underside. You can also stick activated glow-sticks on the panels. Search for higher-resolution images of futuristic-looking control panels like this one on the Internet and print them out on regular paper or adhesive paper. Lay the decorated panels on tables for and hang them from the walls. You can also purchase some dry ice to add to the atmosphere. However, take note that you’ll need to place it where kids can’t touch it, as the ice can burn their skin. You’ll also need to ensure the room is well ventilated.

Assembling your Ironman Party decorations requires a bit of planning and a few official Ironman Party supplies. The combination can put your party out-of-this world!