Ironman Party Invitations

ironman party invitationFor the quickest and easiest invitations, order the inexpensive official Iron Man birthday invitations. If you’re comfortable with using basic graphics programs on your computer, or you can borrow someone who is, you can search for Iron Man images on the computer and use them to create your own custom-designed invitations.

Homemade Ironman Invitations
Iron Man mask invitations
If you prefer to make your own invitations, you can create cards that look like Iron Man’s mask. This is a simple craft that the birthday boy or girl might enjoy doing with you. First, you’ll need to cut out some red construction paper or cardstock using an egg-shaped template: you’ll find one online here. Turn the egg shapes upside down so that the ironman party invitation masksnarrow end points downward. Next, cut out a template to lay over each card that you can use with gold glitter spray-paint to create Iron Man’s gold-and-red mask. Use a black Sharpie to draw in the mask details, such as the eye and mouth slits. Print the party information four up on a page, cut them up and glue them on the back on the mask invitations. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made Ironman Masks and create the invitation from the mask.

Mystery message invitation
This invitation idea combines pre-made elements with invitations that you create and print out at home. Order toy Iron Man wristlets ($4.99 for four). Next, print out the party details, two up on a page, and fold each invitation into a small square that can be glued to the underside of the wristlet. Have the birthday boy or girl distribute the wristlets, with a secret message hidden inside, to each invited guest. If you want to create even more mystery and fun, print out the invitation with a few of the letters replaced with numbers, so the message can’t be read. For example: “You are invited to a birthday 10567 on S3482day the 12th.” Include cut-outs of the missing letters, each of which will have a corresponding number on the back so the guest (with the help of a parent) can “decode” the mystery message. Put the wristlet with the hidden message and the missing letters into a small bag labeled, “A mystery message from Iron Man—decode at home tonight with an adult present!” and distribute the bags to each invited guest.