Ironman Party Games and Activities

ironman paper maskAn Ironman party is a super fun theme as all the kids will be thinking of their favorite superhero. We’ve listed a few superhero and Ironman specific games to consider for his/her birthday.

Superhero costumer station
Start the party with a superhero station where the guests can be transformed into Iron Men and Women. Hand out Iron Man paper masks. Even better (but more expensive), hire someone from the neighbourhood to paint Iron Man faces on all the kids. With just two colors (burgundy and gold) and a simple geometric pattern, it’s a very easy face-painting task. Next, apply Iron Man tattoos to each child. And finally, hand them their own pair of Iron Man gauntlet gloves. If you feel like splurging, you can purchase the official Iron Man gauntlet gloves ($6.99 per pair), but you can inexpensively create your own version by purchasing children’s stretch burgundy gloves for $2.00 per pair on Amazon. Cut out glowing circles from sheets of glow-in-the-dark stickers or glow-in-the dark iron-on transfers and stick a circle on the palm of each glove. When the kids are all painted, tattooed and gloved, turn out the lights so they can see their gauntlets glow.

Now that the kids are dressed in their Iron Man gear, they need to prove themselves with a set of Iron Man tasks. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course that tests their Iron Man mettle:

ironman foam flyer
First, find out who can “fly the highest.” Have two adults hold a rope at knee length and have the kids leap over it in turn. Have a soft mat under the rope for the kids to fall on. Raise the height of the rope after all the kids have jumped over it, and keep raising it until all but one child has been eliminated. Give that child a “highest flyer” prize. How about an Iron Man foam flyer (only $4.99 for 4)? Make sure the other kids get a small prize, too, such as candy or stickers.

Next, find out how hard they can throw a super-punch. Line the kids up either outside or indoors along a hallway so there a good stretch of space in front of them. Hand the first child a Nerf ball or a balloon and tell them to punch it as far as they can. Make sure the space in front of them is marked off with lines of masking tape at every foot. Make a note of where the ball or balloon lands for each child, and award a prize for the super-punch that lands the farthest. Give the winner a special prize, and hand out candy or stickers ironman pinatato the other kids. You can play this game again to find out who can has the best super kung-fu kick. Be sure to remind them this is only a game! You can also combine this with a Ironman Pinata to see how hits the hardest!

Firepower aiming
Finally, it’s time to find out who has the best firepower aim. If you have enough room indoors for a game of tag, you can play the game with cans of silly string. You can also play the game with water pistols. This is a form of tag, where each child will try to hit the other players’ Arc Reactor hearts while protecting their own. To play the game, cut out 6” or 7” rounds of gold or grey construction paper and stick one to each child’s shirt firmly with double-sided tape. These circles represent their Arc Reactor hearts, and their most vulnerable point in a battle. Next, hand each child a can of silly string or water pistol, depending on whether you’re playing the game indoors or out. Explain the rules of the game: they must try to hit the other players’ hearts while avoiding being hit in the heart themselves. It’s easy to tell who’s been hit, as their circle will be silly-stringed or water-stained. They win a point for each heart they hit, and five points for not being hit themselves. Once they’ve been hit, they need to sit out the rest of the game. Tip: cut out lots of “hearts” so that the kids can play more than one game if they want to.

Make your own costume craft activity
For a quieter activity, you can have them design and decorate their own Iron Man chest-plates. Make the basic chest-plates in advance by covering squares of cardboard with gold wrapping paper. Attach two squares together with cords to create a sandwich-board. Staple cord ties at the sides so the kids can securely tie their chest-plates once they slip them over their heads. Have a craft table ready with Iron Man stickers, Sharpie Markers, glitter pens, glow-in-the dark stickers, glow sticks and anything else that might make for fun decorating. If you feel like splurging, you can purchase three-packs of LED stick-on tap lights ($9.99 for three) that the kids can use to add a glowing Arc Reactor heart to their chest-plates, just like Tony Stark’s.

Remember, at times the Ironman Games and activities will seem like total chaos (and it probably will be). But remember to have fun with it. As long as everyone is safe and having fun then it’s all ok!