Little Mermaid Party Favors

little mermaid party favorsParty favors are one of the most-memorable things for kids at a party. This is the item that they will bring home, show their parents and talk about at school the next day. So having neat, interesting and fun party favors is an absolute must! Here are a few ideas for special Little Mermaid Party Favors.

For a simple, no-fuss party favor solution, order premade, official Little Mermaid Party Favor Purses from Celebrate Express ($4.99 each). Each set comes with a purse-shaped box filled with a sticker sheet, blowout, Little Mermaid flower hair clip, a Crab Squirter, pink hairbrush and a faux pearl necklace.

If you prefer to shop around for your own favors, you can order the unfilled Little Mermaid party purses at Celebrate Express ($3.99 for four), and load them up with your own homemade or dollar store items. Many dollar stores have lots of official Little Mermaid merchandise, such as stickers, temporary tattoos, jewelry, stationery, lip gloss and miniature figurines. If official merchandise is scarce, you can fill the purses with gummy fish, sour fish, stickers, coloring books, stamps, hair accessories and other trinkets that have fish, seashell or ocean themes.

Homemade Little Mermaid Party Favors
Or for an original favor idea, order colorful sets of mini sand buckets and spades and fill them with sweet ocean-themed treats. Start by filling the buckets with “sand”—white rock candy from Candy Warehouse. Then add chocolate river rocks (available in candy stores or on Amazon), and finish with gummy sea creatures and candy seashells. Finish off by sticking a couple of colorful tropical fish lollipops in the sand and wrap the bucket in clear mylar. Tie the spade to it with a bow.

For a more homemade approach, fill each bucket with home-baked cookies in the shapes of starfish, fish and seashells using Sea-shaped cookie cutters.
As a different idea, you could pick up novelty treasure chests at the dollar store and fill them with chocolate coins, beads, inexpensive toys and candy.

Finally, don’t forget that depending on your Little Mermaid Party games and activities you may already have a good start to your party favors. This means you might only have to add a few candies, baked goods and a picture of each child at the party to go along with their craft item or small beanie-baby fish.