Little Mermaid Party Invitations

little mermaid pinataThere are lots of ways to get creative with your Little Mermaid invitations. However, you can also keep things simple by ordering official Little Mermaid invitation cards from Celebrate Express. To make them extra-special, you can place a pinch of Little Mermaid confetti inside the card or iridescent seashell confetti.

Homemade Little Mermaid Invitations
Here are a few creative Homemade Little Mermaid invitation ideas that are not only inexpensive but also VERY memorable and could be the talk of the party!

Sand-Scroll Invitation
If you prefer the look of handmade invitations, you and the birthday girl can spend an afternoon getting creative with stamps in the shapes of starfish, sand dollars and seashells. For a truly unique ocean-themed invitation, fill clear mylar bags with white craft sand and a few pretty seashells. Then print out the invitation on parchment-style paper, roll it into a scroll, and half-bury it in the sand. Tie the bags tightly with raffia or ribbon and distribute to the guests.

Craft-Sand Candy Invitation
Instead of craft sand, you can use candy sand to create an unusual invitation. Purchase clear tubes of “Sandy Candy” and fill them about 2/3 full. Then print out the invitation, roll it into a scroll, and tuck one into each tube. Distribute the tubes of candy sand to the guests. The invitation can say something like, “Shore up at Tanya’s Little Mermaid party!” Don’t forget to tell the kids that the sand from THIS tube is edible!

Scrunchie Mermaid Invitation
Another idea is to write the invitation on pretty pink, peach or lilac paper and roll it into a scroll. Hold the scroll tight with a Little Mermaid Flower hair scrunchie, or sew Little Mermaid-style silk flowers to a scrunchies to create them yourself from inexpensive dollar-store items.

Hopefully these ideas help you create a truly unique Little Mermaid birthday party invitation.