Princess and the Frog Party Favors

princess and the frog party favor pack For a quick and easy favor box solution, you can order the official Disney “Princess and the Frog” favor pack from Celebrate Express ($4.99 each). Each pack contains a pretty cardboard favor box, a Princess and the Frog sticker sheet, a Princess and the Frog tiara, a lip gloss necklace, a Princess and the Frog hair-band, and a little silver star wand.

Kissing themed party favors
You can also build an entire favor bag on the theme of “kissing.” Cut out kissing lips shapes from pink and red cardstock and glue them to dollar-store favor or gift bags in pink or red shades. Fill the bags with finds from the dollar store and party supply store that feature lips and kissing. Some ideas include:

  • Gummy lips candy
  • Inexpensive lip balm or lipgloss
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos featuring kissing lips
  • Hugs-and-kisses (XO) charms or costume jewelry
  • Chocolate “lips” suckers
  • Hershey’s Kisses candy
  • Homemade or store-bought cookies in the shape of kissy lips

Educational Princess and the Frog Party Favors
If you would prefer something a little more educational, what about a grow-your-own lily pad kit? It’s a little more expensive than the average favor, but it’s an educational toy that will teach the girls something about nature, while giving them the satisfaction of growing their own, real-life lily pad plant. Put each kit in a green favor bag, add a few candies, and tie with a pretty ribbon and a paper or silk lily flower. This is a great party favor for a party with less guests!

Get Your Own Frog Princes
Alternative, give each party guest her own frog prince to take home! Purchase cute, green-striped favor boxes from Celebrate Express ($2.99 for four) and place an inexpensive Beanie Baby frog from Amazon in each one. You can dress up the frogs as princes by cutting out small, pointed crowns from shiny gold paper or cardstock and attaching them with thin green ribbon stapled to the sides. Add a tube of green lipgloss for kissing. Add a small bag of Hershey’s Kisses and some gummy lips or a package of frog-and-princess lollipops to round out the favor box.

Have you hosted a Princess and the Frog themed party? What did you give out as party favors? Let us know in the comments below.