Space Party Invitations

space party invitationInvitations for the space birthday party can be as easy or as elaborate as you choose. For a no-fuss, no-muss solution, pick up pre-printed, space-themed invitations. Luckily there are lots to choose from including the following themed invitations

Homemade Space Party Invitations
You can also be original and make your own unique space invitations. Here are some ideas for custom-made space-themed cards:

Secret space message
This is a time-consuming project because part of the invitation needs to be handwritten, but it’s an intriguing and fun way to get the message out, and really captures the mystery of space! Take a sheet of black paper and write out the party information using clear-drying, glow-in-the-dark ink. You may need to dim or turn out the lights to be able to see what you’re writing. You can keep the information very minimal. All that’s needed for this part of the space astronaut invitationinvitation is: DATE, TIME, and LOCATION. Once you’ve written out the quantity of invitations you need, roll them up into scrolls and tie them with black ribbon. Now print out a very simple note to accompany the scroll. If you can find a blocky, space mission font or even a dot-matrix font, that would be a nice touch. The note should read something like this:

“You have been selected for a top-secret space training mission. Your mission details have been encoded on the attached space scroll. To read them, you will need to be in deep-space darkness. Hold the scroll up to a light, and then take into a dark room. The mission details will appear in glowing letters. For more information, please call Commander [birthday boy or girl’s name]’s parents at [contact number].”

Tie the note to the scroll with the ribbon and hand one out to each invited guest.

Personalized spaceship
You can send the birthday boy or girl into space with this idea. Print out a small color picture of the birthday boy or girl’s face on your home printer. Next, cut a rocket ship out of construction paper (silver craft paper would be perfect, but grey, black or red would work too). Cut a round hole out of the rocket ship to create a “porthole” and slide the photo behind it so it looks as though the birthday boy or girl is in the rocket. Glue the manned rocket to a plain card (white is fine, but blue or black would be ideal) and decorate with star-shaped stickers. If you’re handy on the computer, you can also assemble a manned rocket ship featuring the birthday boy or girl by using a clipart rocket and a digital photo.
space stickers
Outer space free-for-all
Spend a fun afternoon with the birthday boy or girl hand-decorating the birthday cards. Fold blue, navy or black cardstock in half, and decorate the front with an assortment of space-themed stickers, 3D pens, glitter pens and anything else you think might be fun to play with. Each card will be different, and the birthday honoree will have a great time creating something unique and cool for the party.