Space Birthday Party Favors

space party favorsIf you want to keep things nice and simple, you’ll find complete space mission party supplies in shuttle-shaped boxes. Each box contains a glowstick, mini shuttle toy, shuttle lollipop, glow-in-the-dark star sticker and official space mission sticker badge (as seen below). Another option is the Space Party Favors Box which includes Space Stickers, Space Ball, Space Towel, Space Lava, Space Sticker Book and Star Straw. If you prefer to put together your party favors from scratch, here are some creative ideas that don’t cost a fortune but look great!

Space coloring pack
The space coloring pack is a great way to get the kids creative juices flowing and giving them a fun activity! Fill a favor bag with printouts of space-themed coloring pages. These are free to print and the kids will love them. Next add a few pencil crayons, silver craft pens, glitter pens and stickers. Finish the party favors with a small space toy or candy. To make the coloring pack party favor really special add a Color Your own Space Ship to the package where they are able to color and decorate a space ship to their hearts desire!

Meteor Party Favors
nasa space party favors
Hand each child a “meteor” with an alien inside. Using a clear-plastic ball (or something equivalent) roll up an inflatable alien inside the ball. You could also hide alien candy and a space small toy inside. Then wrap it in tightly packed tin-foil to create a meteor!

Using a glow-in-the-dark theme you can choose all kinds of space-like glow in the dark objects. This includes glow-sticks, glowing stickers and Alien glow pops. Go for black favor bags if you can find them.