Space Birthday Party Food and Snacks

space party foodOne idea for serving the space party snacks is to pack individual snack boxes in silver bags, space-ship boxes or boxes (silver spray-paint to the rescue!) and add a NASA sticker. Tell the little astronauts that this is their official, NASA-approved space mission snack box, specially designed to give them the energy they need to complete the mission. Fill the bags or boxes with sandwiches, pop or juice boxes, a small cup of fruit salad, and individual packages of chips, trail mix and candy. You might even be able to find dehydrated astronaut ice-cream locally or order it online.

If you would rather let the kids help themselves from the table, here are some ideas for themed space snacks:

Alien fruit sticks: Cut a green honeydew melon in half and scoop out the insides with a melon baller. Turn the empty shells upside down on a serving platter and stick a pair of googly eyes on each to make two alien faces. You can add a mouth and nose using a Sharpie pen. Next, spear grapes, kiwi slices and melon balls on skewers and stick the skewers into the upside down melons to create an antennae or alien hair effect.

Space pizza: Make plain mini pizzas or one big pizza with mozzarella cheese. When the pizza is nearly ready, scatter pepperoni and orange cheddar cheese “stars” all over it. Heat through and serve. Make the “stars” with a small star-shaped cookie cutter.

Rocket fuel: Mix cherry Kool-Aid and 7-Up to make rocket fuel drinks. Add a small scoop of raspberry sherbet to make the fuel really fizz.

Moon and star sandwiches: Cut circles out of white sandwich bread using a round cookie cutter. Make an assortment of sandwiches (turkey, ham, cheese, etc.). Cut star shapes out of slices of orange cheddar and scatter them over the moon sandwiches.

You can dress up the snack table with official space mission party supplies (astronaut paper plates, cups, napkins and more) from Celebrate Express, or you can look for space themed party supplies which are more general and not related to NASA.