Outer Space Birthday Cake

Here are some ideas for striking space-themed cakes that are guaranteed to be the highlight of the party. None of them requires a special skill or elaborate icing techniques. They’re all easy and fun to make and decorate!

Spaceship Cake
Creating a Space ship cake is very easy when using a Spaceship cake pan. Simply create a cake batter as usual and pout into the Spaceship cake pan. Bake and once cooled ice the cake as desired. This cake doesn’t require any special skills and still turns out great looking like a spaceship!
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Alien Spaceship cake
Bake one cake in a 12-inch round cake pan, and another in a seven or eight-inch round oven-proof bowl. While they cool, tint vanilla frosting with a tube of black gel frosting to turn it grey. Spread a layer of frosting on top of the 12-inch base cake and lay the dome cake on top. Frost everything in grey frosting, and add Smartie and gummy “lights.”

Easy alien cake
This cake couldn’t be easier, and it will truly wow the party guests. Bake a cake in an oven-proof bowl. Frost with green-tinted vanilla frosting. Draw an alien face with a tube of black or chocolate frosting. Now stick lighted green glowsticks into the cake to make glowing green hair for the alien. Dim the lights and serve the glowing alien cake.

Moon landing cake
Bake a cake in an oven-proof bowl, and frost it with vanilla frosting. Frost the cake thickly, and make moon craters in it by pressing on the frosting with a spoon. Now crumble Oreo cookies roughly to create “moon rocks” to scatter over the surface. Place an astronaut figure on the lunar surface along with a toy American flag.

Solar system cupcakes
Bake a batch of cupcakes and frost them in different colors to represent the different planets. Frost cupcakes red with red sparkle sugar for Mars. Frost cupcakes blue and pipe green continents for earth. Frost orange for Saturn, and make “rings” by bending licorice shoelaces and poking the ends into the cupcakes. For Jupiter, frost cupcakes white with chocolate streaks. For meteors, sprinkle silver jimmies over white-frosted cupcakes.

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