Space Birthday Party – Around the City Activities

Space birthday parties are a super fun and flexible party theme. You have a ton of different options to choose whether you’re planning the party at home or around the city. Here are a few ideas to consider around your town. If these options aren’t available in your city than just host a home space party!

Planetarium trip
If there is a planetarium in your town, you might consider taking the kids there for the day. For a child who is interested in space, this could be the ultimate birthday destination. On the downside, it can definitely be an expensive outing, especially if you have invited lots of kids to the party. However, many planetariums offer group discounts, which may make it more affordable, and they are often prepared to accommodate birthday parties, so you can bring the space birthday cake with you and have the whole party on-site.

Star-gazing expedition
Instead of a daytime party, how about a nighttime star-gazing expedition? This probably isn’t practical for a larger group of kids unless you can rope in a few other parents to help, but for a small group, you could pick everyone up, drive them out to a good stargazing spot away from the city lights and teach them something about the constellations. Give each child a book that teaches them about the constellations (there are lots of great kids’ books on this subject for kids of all ages) and point out the stars that they can see in the night sky. Bring some tasty snacks, and if it’s a cold night, bring hot chocolate and marshmallows. The kids will love being out late at night!

Laser tag entertainment centre
Laser tag is an activity that fits the space theme because it’s futuristic and lets the kids pretend they’re fighting aliens on a distant planet. Take the kids to an indoor laser center where it’s dark and neon-lit for the best space vibe. You can divide the kids into “aliens” and “space fighters,” giving members of one team fighter caps and members of the other team alien antennae.