WALL-E Party Decorations

disney wall-e mylar balloonsTurn the party room into an outer-space adventure! This can be done as simply or as elaborately as you choose. If you’re looking for a quick and easy decorating scheme we recommend using premade Wall-E decorations. Although there isn’t a huge selection you can find WALL-E balloons, tablecloth, paper plates, cups, etc… To finish off your Wall-E decorations we recommend a Wall-E poster as it will really set the mood and can be hung in the birthday boy/girls room afterward!

Homemade Disney Wall-E Themed Party Decorations
If you enjoy creating unique decorations from scratch, here are some ideas for turning the party room into a WALL-E theme room:

Create an outer space wall
For a simple decorating idea that will transform the room into deep space, cover one or more of the walls in black plastic sheeting (available at home improvement and hardware stores), and then hang or tape sparkly silver star-shaped mylar balloons everywhere. You can add glow-in-the-dark stars which kids always love!

Create a fleet of EVE robots
You can create a fleet of EVE robots using black and blue construction paper and big white balloons. Cut out black ovals for EVE’s faceplate. Blow the balloons up with helium and glue two blue almond-shaped eyes on each oval, and tape them to the balloons. Tether them with string and float them close together to form a squadron.

Create a birthday banner
Create a “HAPP-E BIRTHDAY [BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY NAME]” banner out of bright yellow construction paper. Use a fat Sharpie pen, or even black electrical tape to create each letter, with one letter per sheet of paper. You will want to recreate the blocky WALL-E font writing. For the “E” of “HAPP-E,” make a red circle around a white letter so that it matches the WALL-E logo. Take a look at the movie poster if you need to remind yourself of what the lettering looks like. Next, use masking tape to tape each letter of the birthday message in sequence along a string. Hang the message somewhere prominent in the room.