WALL-E Party Favors

Disney wall-e party favorsFor a super-easy Wall-E party favors you can order Wall-E party supplies. You can start with a Wall-E treat bag and to that add a few Wall-E themed items. This could include a Wall-E disc launcher, stickers, Wall-E figurine, party ribbon and some candy. The party favor bags are themed with Wall-E so the kids will definitely love them! You can also put together your own party bags using one of the themes below:

Space Kit
Fill treat bags with dehydrated astronaut ice-cream, moon pies, glow-in-the-dark star and planet stickers, a mini-telescope, a star chart or other items your guests will need when setting out to explore space. A very cool party favors theme if the kids love space!

WALL-E showed kids how important one tiny plant could be. Include a plant growing kit in their party bags, or give them a cool plant like a mini cactus or venus flytrap. You can also include green jelly bellies or jelly beans, green licorice and green foil-wrapped chocolates to round out the green theme.

tin can robot party favorsHomemade robot kit
Buy foam cubes and spheres in assorted sizes, from one to three inches or so, at your local craft store. Spray-paint them silver. Buy an assortment of stick-on googly-eyes, black and silver pipe cleaners, spacey foam shapes, etc., and create “build-your-own-robot” kits. You can draw out some ideas for robot creations and include a photocopy in each bag as a guide. Or you can give them a build-a-Tin-Can robot kit. (only $12!)

Robot-themed kit
Find mini wind-up robots, Lego robots, Robot Pez, novelty erasers, candy and temporary tattoos. Decorate the bags with some Wall-E stickers and write each child’s name with a silver felt pen using squared-off “robot” lettering.