WALL-E Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

wall-e birthday candleIf you’re looking for something quick and easy, you can probably find a bakery that can create a WALL-E cake for you. However, that is the most expensive option and there are lots of homemade cake options. We have created a few Wall-E cake and cupcake ideas below. These range from complicated masterpieces to super-simple, frost-and-go sheet cakes. With all of these cakes it’s fun to add a Wall-E Birthday candle which adds that extra special touch to the cake!

Official WALL-E cake (CHALLENGING)
If you’re an experienced cake decorator and you’re looking for a challenge, you can use the official WALL-E sculpted pan to create a picture-perfect frosted replica of the world’s last little robot. This is the most realistic way to make a Wall-E cake but also the hardest!
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EVE cake (EASY)
Here’s an idea for a very simple EVE cake. Bake a cake in an oval pan. When cool, cut off the top 1/3 of the cake and round the cut edges a little. Lay the two pieces of cake on the cake platter, creating some space between the two sections. These sections will be EVE’s body and her floating head. Frost both cake sections in plain white frosting. Then make EVE’s visor using black frosting, and use blue smarties or other bright blue candies to create her eyes.

WALL-E trash cake (EASY)
You can create a scene from the movie on top of a sheet cake, using crumbled chocolate wafers, store-bought brownies and a WALL-E cake topper. Simply bake a sheet cake and cover it with chocolate frosting. Crumble chocolate wafers or Oreo wafers into “dirt” and scatter it over the cake. Then cut store-bought brownies into cubes and stack them up to look like the towers of crushed garbage that WALL-E created. Arrange some of the cubes to be toppling over. Then place the WALL-E cake topper in the middle of the rubble. A VERY cool looking cake that the kids will definitely like!
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WALL-E and EVE cupcakes (EASY)
Use EVE and WALL-E sugar decorations to dress up cupcakes. Check your local baking supply store or order them from the Wilton website. Frost the cupcakes in deep blue icing and scatter star-shaped sugar decorations over the surface to create a space theme.
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