WALL-E Party Invitations

wall-e birthday party invitationsGive the guests a taste of the WALL-E theme with a special WALL-E invitation. If you don’t want to fuss with homemade invitations, there are lots of great prepackaged options available. You can find official WALL-E invitations at your local party supply, stationery or dollar store, you can order them online from Pretty Party Place.

You can also create your own cards on the computer by downloading official WALL-E movie images from Disney’s WALL-E web page. Print the image out on your color printer and print out the party details on the other side. Look for a squared-off, futuristic-looking font for that space-age feel.

Homemade Wall-E Birthday Party Invitations
If you want to create something more original, here are a couple of ideas for home-crafted WALL-E themed invitations that you can make yourself, or invite the birthday boy or girl to help you with:

Google-eyed WALL-E card
For each card, fold a piece of bright yellow cardstock in half to create a square card with the fold at the top. Cut two rectangles and glue them to either side of the card to create WALL-E’s tractor wheels. Cut an oval on a stalk and glue it to the top of the card to create WALL-E’s neck and goggles. Over his goggles, add two stick-on craft google-eyes to replicate his wide-eyed stare. You can add the WALL-E logo, with the red circle around the “E,” at the bottom right of the yellow card.
wall-e party

Glow-in-the-dark space card
Fold black cardstock in half and add glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shape of stars and planets to the front. Print out the party details and glue them to the inside of the card. Look for WALL-E stickers at your local dollar or stationery store, or find them online at Pretty Party Place, and add one to the inside of each card.

When you’re writing out the party details, add some distinctive WALL-E personality to the copy. Add “BEEP!” “WHIRR!” “CLANK!” “BIPP!” noises throughout, or write, “It’s a birthday PART-E! Join WALL-E and friends for an out-of-this-world birthday celebration!”