WALL-E Party Food and Snacks

disney wall-e party foodYou can dress up the snack table with WALL-E themed paper plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth. Or you could go with a WALL-E yellow theme—yellow paper tablecloth, napkins cups and plates. We recommend just the necessities (plates, napkins and cups) and keep everything else basic as this will save money and still look great!

Here are some ideas for party foods that fit the WALL-E theme.

Garbage pail snacks: Look for little trashcans or tin pails at the dollar store and fill them with a party mix of chips, pretzels, peanuts, corn chips, etc. You can also fill the pails with carrot sticks, red and green pepper spears and celery sticks, along with bowls of sour cream and onion dip.

WALL-E cheese cubes: Cut out little black ovals from construction paper and stick two little googly eyes on each one. Spear each ovals with the end of a toothpick and then stick the other end into a cheese cube to make a little army of WALL-Es.

Flying saucer pizza: Serve mini-pizzas and tell the kids they’re “flying saucer” space pizzas.

Star cookies: Cut star shapes out of cookie dough (star-cookie cutters are key!) and sprinkle them with sparkly sugar.

Trash floats: Serve coke with a scoop of green mint ice cream and sprinkle black licorice bits to create a “trash float” that has the kind of gross-out appeal that little kids love.

Those are just a few ideas to consider be creative and come up with your own Wall-E party food!