WALL-E Party Games and Activities

wall-e party games
A fun Wall-E party game has actually been created by Disney and it’s a play on the pin-the-tail on the Donkey game. This game you must put the cube in the trash. It’s a fun game for kids of all ages and themed to the Wall-E party. If this doesn’t appeal to you we have invented a few Wall-E games that the kids will surely love!

As each little guest arrives, hand them a WALL-E mask and a little plastic cockroach (although this is a bit weird, a cockroach named Hal was WALL-E’s best friend in the movie). You can find plastic cockroaches at the dollar store or a joke shop. Next, give them a few of the fun, themed activities from the list below:

Trash cleanup
Send all the little WALL-Es on a trash cleanup expedition. Give them little cardboard boxes or pails and tell them to collect as much “trash” as they can find. For the “trash,” choose sheets of grey, silver or white tissue paper, or even newsprint, and crumple each sheet into a tight little ball. Make dozens of these balls and hide them all over the room, and even all over the house if you don’t mind having the kids stampeding through your rooms. Tell them to find and collect as many balls of trash as they can (show them what a trash ball looks like so they know what they’re looking for) and tell them that the winner gets a prize. When all the balls have been found (or when the kids get tired of looking), count out the balls and declare the winner. Give the winner the nicest prize, but make sure all the other kids get something, too. Prizes can be a Wall-E sticker book for the winner and Wall-E sticker sheets for the others!

Trash toss
Cover a cardboard box with yellow paper and draw the WALL-E logo on it. Pile up the trash balls from the “Trash cleanup” game and line the kids up five feet away from the box. You can mark a line with tape on the floor or carpet. Have each child try to throw three balls of trash into the box. If it’s too easy for them, have them stand a couple of feet farther away during the next round. Keep track of the scores, and declare a winner. Give the winner a prize, and hand out smaller prizes, such as candy or stickers, to the rest of the contestants.
wall-e party activity toy
Trash and treasure ball
To create a trash and treasure ball, you’ll need some small, inexpensive toys and prizes and some sheets of newsprint. Start with a cool fun toy, like a Wall-E Plush toy, wrap it in newsprint, then wrap the ball in newsprint again. Then take another toy, and embed the toy in the next layer of newsprint. Keep adding more and more layers to the ball, adding toys to only some of the layers. To play this game, you’ll need to seat the guests in a circle. Play some music and tell them they need to keep passing the ball from one to another while the music plays. When the music stops, the person left holding the ball must pass it back to the person who handed it to them, and that person gets to unwrap a layer of trash. (By making the person holding the ball pass it back to the previous person, you ensure that the ball passes around the circle quickly, adding to the excitement. Otherwise, the players tend to pass the ball very slowly!) If a toy is revealed, the unwrapper gets to keep it. The dollar store or CelebrateExpress have lots of inexpensive toys that would work perfect for this!

Find the plant
This is a high-energy activity where the guests can really run around and go crazy! In the movie, WALL-E, a little green plant that’s important to the future of mankind goes missing. “Find the plant” is a party game based on this theme in the movie. For this game, you will need a packet of white balloons, some green construction paper, and some string. Cut out a quantity of small green leaves from the construction paper (about three inches long). Roll up a few leaves and squeeze them through the openings of about ¼ of the balloons. Blow the balloons up and tie long pieces of string to each one. To play the game, clear a big open space where the kids can run around (or send them outside in the yard) and tie a balloon to each ankle, so that the balloons trail behind them by a few inches when they run. Tell them that there are plants in some of the balloons, but not all of them. The object of the game is to step on one another’s balloons to try to pop them and find the plants. For every balloon they stomp that has leaves in it, they get a point. When everyone’s balloons have been popped, add up all the points and give the winner a prize. Make sure the other players get smaller prizes, too.

All the prizes from the games can be placed in a Wall-E Treat Bag with another small toy or Wall-E collector figure and that’s their party favors! Otherwise, you can read our Wall-E party favors article for more ideas!