Tangled Rapunzel Party Games and Activities

One of the main attractions at any kids birthday party is the games and activities. The games and activities can/should be focused to the theme as the kids will love playing games about one of their favorite shows!

Hair Games
The first thing that comes to mind when most of us think about Rapunzel is her long golden hair. For this reason, at least one of your party games will need to relate to hair. Here are a few Rapunzel / Tangled hair games

Pin the Hair on Rapunzel
A simple game would be a modification of the classic birthday party staple, pin the tail on the donkey. Simply print the following activity book here (PDF). In the activity kit there is a black and white image of Rapunzel without her long hair that you can print out. This picture, was intended to be a drawing page, where your child can draw in Rapunzel’s hair, but to turn it into a fun party game, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Print it bigger: Most Kinko’s or Office Max locations can do enlarged prints and copies for a reasonable price.
  • Make her hair: Get some yellow yarn from a craft store or department store and cut it in equal lengths, until you have a bundle of “hair” that is somewhere between 1 1/2′ to 2′ in length. Tie a colored ribbon or strip of cloth in a bow around the top. Put a square of double stick tape on the back of the bow. Repeat with a different colored bow for each child who will be at the party.
  • Tape the blown up picture of Rapunzel on the wall. At the beginning of each child’s turn, give her a lock of hair, and blind fold her. Spin them around three times, and then let them try to put Rapunzel’s hair in the right place.

Braiding Race
tangled rapunzel figure doll
Another fun hair game would be a braiding race. In the film, when Rapunzel arrives in the city, she asks a group of young girls to braid her hair back for her. This game should not be done with real hair, as some of the girls may have short hair and we wouldn’t want any of them feeling left out.

This game starts with a trip to your local craft or department store to get yellow yarn, colored ribbons, and fake flowers. Make 3 hair bundles similar to that for the Pin the Hair on Rapunzel game (as described above), for each child. Don’t tie the colored ribbon on top this time. Cut the colored ribbons into 6″ to 10″ pieces, and separate your fake flowers from their greenery and each other. Throw away the greenery.

At the start of this game, give each party guest her three bundles of hair, and let each pick a ribbon and a set number (3-5) of fake flowers. Then, have a race to see who can braid, tie and put flowers in the yarn hair first. It’s a race, so make sure to start with ready, set, go! The first child who finishes her braid wins a prize.

This is convenient also, because braids can then be used as a Tangled party favors! Help the kids attach them to their heads so they can have long hair just like Rapunzel. If you really feel like splurging you can buy a Tangled Rapunzel figurine and have the kids braid her hair and just use a stop watch. This option costs more but the kids will love playing with Rapunzel!
tangled rapunzel princess pinata

Rapunzel Piñata
Another fun activity would be to break a piñata! This is a fun activity for both boys and girls Tangled party. While there aren’t any official Tangled piñatas, there are options that work quite nicely. The princess crown pinata, for obvious reasons, would represent the Rapunzel as a Princess, and the duckling pinata as the symbol for the bandit hangout she and Flynn visit on their adventure, called “The Snuggly Duckling.” You can also buy a Disney Princess pinata which features Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. This

As a way to make the piñata even more fun, let the party guests hit it with Rapunzel’s weapon of choice, a frying pan. Of course two rules always prevail with piñatas: make sure to keep the kids at a safe distance away when someone else is swinging and the birthday girl gets the first swing!
disney princess pinata

Tangled Party Activities
Activity Kit
As mentioned earlier, you can download a FREE activity kit here (PDF). You can’t argue with that price. The kit includes 4 pages of activities for the kids including a wanted poster of Flynn on which the kids can draw a funny nose, a page that allows them to draw a fun hairstyle for Rapunzel, a coloring page and page to write down their dreams. Even if you don’t see using them as a party activities, it could certainly make a great party favor. If you don’t think the kids will enjoy coloring than you can buy a Tangled Rapunzel Activity Sticker book as kids love stickers!

3-D Paper Fun
Another fun idea is to make your own 3D Rapunzel! Simply, download a printable template for Rapunzel here (PDF). Full instructions can be found here. The kids not only have a fun crafting activity, but also a party favor to bring home.

Birthday Lanterns
Another great crafting activity would be to help the party guests make their own lanterns like the ones Rapunzel’s parents sent out on each year on her birthday. Get some colored papers, scrapbooking paper is good, but construction paper is fine too. Let the kids decorate them with glitter, stickers, markers, paints, little plastic gems, and any other art supplies you want to have available to them. Each kid should create 2 pieces of paper.

Next, help the kids fold each piece of paper in half the long way, so the new sections are taller than they are wide and use a clear tape at the edges to attach the papers to each other. Then using a piece of string and a hole punch, create a way to carry the ‘lantern’ around. After they are finished each child will have made a standing decorated lantern that can act as a party decoration, activity and favor!

Hopefully these ideas help to create a super fun party for the kids!