Tangled Rapunzel Party Favors

tangled party favorsThere are some really great Tangled party favors out there, and NONE of them costs very much. Your tougher choice will be what to send your child’s party guests home with, rather than worrying about what you can afford. Indeed, you will want to get it all!

Official Disney Tangled Party Favor Pack
A really great party favor is the official pre-made Tangled party favor pack. It costs $4.99 and contains one each of the following: Sticker sheet, jelly bracelet, flower ring, plastic pearl necklace, lip-gloss necklace, brush and mirror.

The party box itself is adorned in sparkly bits of pink and purple. It’s a neat little kit if you don’t have as much time to make everything by hand. Also, if you went with the pre-made party invitations, this will match.

Other Pre-made Favors
If you don’t want to buy the favor pack, but don’t have the time to make everything by hand, you’re in luck. You can buy a few items to enhance your own party favor bags. For example, CelebrateExpress also has the lip-gloss necklaces in a set of 4 for $4.99, the sticker sheets in a set of 4 for 1.99 and Tangled treat bags in a set of 8 for $2.99.

If you’re looking to encourage creativity in your party guests than we recommend a deluxe tangled coloring book, a holographic sticker book and/or a Learn to Draw Tangled book. 1 or 2 of these books along with a set of crayons or colored pencils, and this party favor pack would provide hours of entertainment for your guests.

Handmade Tangled Rapunzel Party Favors
tangled party favor bookmark novelPerhaps you love the idea of making handmade favors for your guests. If that is the case, myriad possibilities await you!. A fun activity is to create a bookmark that looks like Rapunzel’s tower with a braid of her hair coming out the window. The full instructions can be found here. This pairs well with “Tangled: the Junior Novelization.”

Although there aren’t many Tangled favors that target boys there is a template and instructions for making really cool Thug armor from felt here.

Charm Bracelet
What young lady doesn’t enjoy wearing a charm bracelet? Collect a set of images from Tangled, one for each character and others that represent the scenery and common themes throughout the film. Arrange them with a little space between them in a program like paint, PowerPoint, or Photoshop. Print them on shrinky dinks paper according to the directions.

Cut around them and then use a hole punch for the string to go through. Cook them until they are done. For the band, braid yellow embroidery floss and a purple thin ribbon to look like Rapunzel’s hair. Loop the shrinky dink charms on and tie them in place. Voila! You have a Tangled charm bracelet.

Flower Crowns
When Rapunzel gets her hair braided in the film, the little girls also weave all sorts of flowers and ribbons in and out of it. For your child’s party guests, you can make flower crowns by getting flower lays from a party store, tying colored ribbons in them to dress them up, then cutting them apart and retying them to fit the child’s head.

Tangled party favors should be simple, interactive, fun and engaging. The kids will love them and you should be at no loss to purchase or make great party favors!