Tangled Rapunzel Party Food and Snacks

tangled party food A great thing about the Disney Tangled movie is the various characters and themes in the movie. This makes selecting party food relatively easy. Here are a few ideas to help you create Tangled Rapunzel themed food!

Sundrop Cookies
You may recall the magic flower from the beginning of Tangled, each of these cookies will taste like it has a drop of sunshine baked in. Using the Citrus Sugar Cookie, make a batch of dough. Also, add a few drops of red and yellow food coloring to give your cookies a bright, sunrise color. You can either use a cookie cutter shaped like a sun or a star, or cut out your own sun burst shapes using a knife. These cookies will truly make a delicious and beautiful addition to your Tangled party.

Orange Biscuit Braids
You might think it would be impossible to incorporate Rapunzel’s tresses into your party menu, but it’s not only possible, but also tasty and fun! Family.go.com has a zesty recipe for Orange Biscuit Braids from scratch. These golden brown treats, braided into a cute little bundle, and adorned with edible flowers made from almonds and fruit will look beautiful, and are sure to tickle your birthday girl and her guests’ fancy.

Another way to incorporate hair imagery into your spread would be to serve your child’s guests a main course of pasta. Get a couple boxes of angel hair, or if you want to be a bit healthier, whole wheat angel hair pasta. Angel hair is similar to spaghetti, just much finer. It will look just like a plate of Rapunzel’s golden hair, but taste a lot better.

Pasta is also a great way to meet the culinary needs of all the kids at the party. You can serve it with Alfredo sauce, cheese sauce, Marinara sauce with or without meat, or just butter. That way, you should be able to be sensitive to the picky eaters or those with special dietary needs at the party. There is a meal for kids who are vegan, vegetarian and those who have allergies. If one of the kids at the party has celiac disease, you can order some gluten free noodles, and no one will feel left out.

Hazelnut Soup
For her birthday, Rapunzel’s “Mother,” the witch, says she wants to make her a special treat. She will make Rapunzel’s favorite meal, Hazelnut soup! Of course, your partygoers will be thrilled at the chance to taste their new favorite Princess’s favorite meal. Check out a great Hazelnut Soup recipe here.

Using a butternut squash base, the soup has a taste that the kids at the party will probably be familiar with. It would be easy for a dish like this to be a little out of their taste preference range if it were too foreign in flavor. Luckily for you though, it tastes great across the board. Not only will the kids enjoy this savory treat, but you will as well. An added bonus is that this soup is chocked full of vegetables and some fruit, and is therefore a healthy treat. (Just don’t tell the kids this!) If you are health conscious, and want to max the healthy factor in the soup, replace the cream with fat free evaporated milk or just regular milk, and use low sodium chicken stock.

You can also serve it with a little topping buffet bar which could include seeds, crackers, hazelnuts, etc.. to sprinkle on top of their soup, making it an even more special, customizable treat.

You may recall that to make friends with Maximus, the runaway guard horse, Rapunzel and Flynn buy him a whole bag of apples. Fortunately for you, kids love this fruit almost as much as horses do, and with apples, the possibilities are endless!

You can make apple pie or apple cake. You can make or purchase apple cider donuts. Here are a few simple ideas to dress up apples to be part of a party fit for a princess.

  • Core, peel, and vertically slice a few apples thinly. Arrange these thin, elegant slices on a plate around a dish of warm caramel or honey.
  • Core an apple and slice it horizontally so that you have a bunch of apple circles on top of each other. Don’t take them apart, in fact, set them back up in an apple shape, and fill the empty core space with peanut butter and raisins!
  • Apple Cider: Another great opportunity to put apples in your party would be to serve apple cider. Whether plain, mulled, or sparkling, it’s a great alternative to soda, and will compliment the hearty soup and pasta. Serving mulled or sparkling cider will give your meal a more royal feel to it.

Hopefully the food ideas above will help to create truly unique party food for your Tangled party. Remember, to have enough food choices so the kids aren’t going home starving!