Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

tangled party foodA Tangled Birthday party theme always leads to some pretty cool cake opportunities. Not only are there a variety of decorations, but you have such flexibility with flavors as well. Whether your child likes the darkest of the devil’s food, or the fluffiest the angel food, there is a cake that will please her and her party guests.

The simplest idea for a cake is to cake a rectangular cake and add a Rapunzel cake topper. You will still have to decorate the rest of the cake, however, this does get you a head-start on making a great cake. Here are a few more ideas that take various cake-decorating skill levels.

Tangled Edible Icing Images
Another great cake idea is to use a Tangled Icing image. Simply, make your child’s favorite cake recipe in a sheet cake pan. Frost it in her favorite frosting flavor, or if she doesn’t express a preference, get white frosting and use food coloring to make it purple. Transfer the edible image onto the cake, and trim your cake with green and yellow frosting. Now you have a colorful, personalized birthday cake! Don’t forget to either have your image personalized to put a birthday message on your picture or to write it on yourself with the decorative frosting.
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Pascal the Chameleon Cake
Make a batch of funfetti cake batter according to the box directions. Pour it into a sheet cake pan. Before you bake it, put some drops of food coloring into random areas. Do a corner that is green, a corner that is yellow, and so forth until your cake has color zones. Mix up the batter and the color with a knife so that it swirls.

While it bakes, take some white frosting and divide it up into a few bowls. Color the different bowls different colors of frosting. When the cake comes out of the oven and has cooled, use the different frosting colors to frost the cake and swirl together until your cake looks like a color changing chameleon that Pascal is famous for being!

Super Deluxe Tangled Birthday Cake
A great Tangled birthday cake would combine the cupcake tower and a well-decorated sheet cake. Start with a 9-piece Tangled Rapunzel figure play set. Next, make a sheet cake and decorate or have it decorated with all sorts of frosting, so it looks like green grass, some blue for a stream, and of course, covered in flowers.

After you’ve done that, make the cupcake tower (directions below) and stick in into the cake somewhere that is aesthetically pleasing (usually in one of the corners). Now using the figure set that you ordered, and take the witch, Flynn, Maximus, Pascal, and grown up Rapunzel out. It comes with a young Rapunzel and a few bandits as well, but you don’t want to overload the cake, so set those aside.

Put the figures on the cake. Frost some extra green around their feet so it looks like they’re standing in grass, or blue if your little girl wants them in water. Take some yellow frosting and use it to put on the Rapunzel figure over her hair. Then continue the yellow frosting all over the cake, maybe even all around the cake as a border, so it looks like Rapunzel’s long hair is everywhere! Now you have a positively epic Rapunzel sheet cake that looks like a scene right out of the movie!

Cupcake Tower
A fun idea is to create an edible cupcake tower that looks just like the one Rapunzel is trapped in! Start with cupcakes, which are then stacked one atop the other, then topped with a candy dipped ice cream cone, decorated with green frosting, use a dowel to support the whole thing. This neat treat makes more of a centerpiece or adornment than a stand alone cake. Check out the full directions here.

Apple Cake
An apple cake would be a fun, different recipe to use for your child’s birthday cake this year. If she’s a traditionalist, she may not go for it. If, however, she’s expressed interest in trying something new, a delicious honey apple bundt cake recipe. We recommend baking this cake in a rose-shaped bundt pan. Imagine this golden colored cake with a honey glaze in the shape of a rose and topped with birthday candles. No one can tell you that wouldn’t be a sweet surprise for your birthday girl.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Cupcakes
Another alternative to a normal cake is to create a bunch of cupcakes and ice them accordingly. Cupcakes are great as they’re easier to decorate, less messy to clean-up and each child gets their own mini-cake. You can decorate your cupcakes with simple sprinkles or buy simple Tangled cupcake picks or edible image toppers. Here are a selection of Tangled cupcake decorating items to make fabulous looking cupcakes!
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