Tangled Rapunzel Party Decorations

tangled party decorationsWith such great activities, favors and invites, you’re probably wondering how on earth you will be able to create a space that lives up to the high expectation you’ve undoubtedly set. Luckily, as with other aspects of the party, there are both simple and complex ideas that will make your home into the perfect Tangled Rapunzel party palace!

Pre-made Decorations
Pre-made official Tangled Party decorations packs are readily available online. They have several options available from mix and match to a basic package to a deluxe all inclusive Tangled party! The basic tangled party pack comes with the following: 8 invitations, utensils, plates, cups, activity placemats, napkins, a table cover, 18 balloons in three different colors. While the deluxe Tangled Rapunzel Party Pack ($35.99) comes with all the supplies of the basic kit and a foil balloon, crepe paper rolls in 3 colors, curling ribbon in three colors, confetti and candles for the birthday cake.

Decorating your party venue with a party pack and a Tangled poster or two will create a unique and great looking room that all the kids and parents will appreciate. You can also find add-ons packs available for a party with more than 8 guests. Also, most pieces from the party packs can be purchased separately. The plates, napkins, cups and table cover are all available individually.

Cost-effective Pre-made Alternative
If the official Tangled party supplies are more than you want to spend, you can find cheaper, more plainly colored ones. A few ideas: get purple cups to match Rapunzel’s dress or green plates to match her chameleon, Pascal. A third option is to get balloons in gold to match her hair. You can creatively combine loads of different colored utensils, napkins, cups and plates to make a pleasing and pretty party.

disney tangled rapunzel party banner
Another option is to buy a Tangled Happy Birthday banner which is 8 feet long and features 3 pictures of Rapunzel, framed in colorful teal ovals with purple letters on them. It is fairly inexpensive at only $4.29 and would coordinate well with the any other party decorations.

Tangled Rapunzel Photo Station
A great party decoration is to have a Rapunzel cardboard stand-up. This decoration is perfect as it doubles as Tangled party activity! You can have all the kids get their pictures taken with the cardboard replica. Than in the party favors or thank-you cards you can include a photo of the child! This may seem like a silly party decoration but kids love it!

Homemade Tangled Rapunzel Party Decorations
Creating a few decorations yourself can save money and really add to your party! A great idea for a Tangled party decoration is to recreate the tower where Rapunzel drew on the walls!

Recreate the Tower
In addition to using yellow crepe paper to represent her hair, there are other ways to recreate Rapunzel’s tower. You will need gray construction paper, a large roll of newsprint, colored fabric and some wall-safe tape.

This can also serve as a party activity, which the party guests can help with. To recreate the walls that Rapunzel uses as her canvas, tape the newsprint paper from the floor to as high as it reaches. This is hopefully about 3 to 5 feet high. Give the kids crayons, pencils, paint or markers that don’t bleed and let them paint the wall, the same way Rapunzel spent most of her days doing!

At the top of the newsprint, use the construction paper to imitate the bricks that make up the top of Rapunzel’s tower. Be sure to place them in a running bond arrangement. Running bond refers to the arrangement of bricks that most people are familiar with. It is the one where the rows are staggered.

Over the windows and doors in the room, drape the fabric across the top and let it hang to the floor. About halfway down, tape the draped fabric back to let the light in. Now your party room looks like the inside of Rapunzel’s tower!

Don’t forget if you choose to play the Tangled party game “pin the hair on Rapunzel” you’ll have a giant picture of Rapunzel on your wall. This makes a great start to your decorations and you might just need to add the balloons and tableware to finalize the decorations!