Tangled Rapunzel Party Invitations

disney tangled party invitationsThe Tangled party invitations should show the guests the theme of the party and the details. There are pretty two options for invitations: official pre-made invitations and handmade invitations. Fortunately, CelebrateExpress has superb invitations featuring a spunky looking Rapunzel and her paintbrush. These invitations say “A Magical Day” on the front as seen to the right. They come 8 in a set, which includes envelopes and they cost only $3.49. These are a good idea if you plan on buying other official Tangled party supplies, to give your party theme more uniformity.

If you have more time and a bit of creativity you can create great looking Homemade Tangled party invitations.

Homemade Tangled Invitation #1
The first and simplest handmade method would be to download an image from Tangled and print it on thicker paper or cardstock. If your printer can’t handle a thicker paper, you can print it out on thin paper and glue it onto card stock with a glue-stick. If you end up needing to glue it to card stock, be sure to use purple card stock to match Rapunzel’s dress. The images on the official Disney website would be perfect for the card.

Once you have the image printed or glued, all that’s left to do is write or print the party information on the back. This can once again, be done with purple ink to match Rapunzel’s dress.

Homemade Tangled Invitation #2
The next and slightly more complicated option would be to create an invitation based off the “wanted” posters from the film. They feature the faces of Flynn Ryder and his thuggish partners are seen hanging on various trees and buildings. The joke with these posters is that they can never get Flynn’s nose right. Can you?

Start with a white piece of paper and then tea stain it. Tea staining refers to soaking the paper in a tea bath. You can make a tea bath by tearing open a few tea bags and mixing up the contents with warm water. By soaking regular white paper in this solution, and hanging it to dry, your paper will have a worn, aged look.

Then go to the Official Disney Tangled site and make your own wanted poster. You can also make a wanted poster in Photoshop or PowerPoint. With this option you can simply upload a picture of your child, make it black and white and add the words ‘wanted’ at the bottom.

Print the poster out on the tea stained paper, and it will appear as if it has been hanging up in the forest for ages. This is a good invitation option, if you do have a boy who wants a Tangled party, since this invitation is based on Flynn and not Rapunzel.

Handmade Tangled Invitation #3
The last option would be to base your invitations on the floating lanterns in the film. These are the lanterns that Rapunzel’s parents, the King and Queen, released on her birthday every year. The first celebrated her birth. After she was kidnapped as a baby, her parents sent them out every year in hopes of calling her back to the kingdom. Each year, regardless of their purpose, they are sent out on her birthday, so what a great way to bring guests to your child’s birthday party.

Start with an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of colored cardstock, probably a warm color like gold, orange or red. Cut it in half, lengthwise so that you have two smaller rectangles that are 8” high by 5” wide. Set them aside.

On your computer, type out the party details using a fancy font that looks like cursive. Instead of just using basic language, try to dress it up a bit by saying something like:

You are cordially invited to the royal palace of Miss Annabel Morrison for a celebration in honor of the young princess
as she celebrates her eighth birthday.
The festivities shall begin
promptly at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

It should have the look and feel of a royal summons. Print it out using centered spacing, and make sure that it is smaller than your cardstock rectangles. What you will end up with is an invitation with a nice border. Once it is printed blue it onto your cardstock rectangle. You can decorate around it if you want but it’s not necessary.

Here are a few more pre-made personalized invitations that might be perfect for your party!

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