Disney’s Cars Inspired Party Games and Activities

disney cars pinataStart your engines! The fast-paced racing theme is perfect for some high energy games that will make sure your party guests have a blast.

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Pinata
A fun activity at any party is the pinata and this is no different with the realistic looking Lightning McQueen pinata. This pinata is super durable so all the kids will get a chance to hit it and when everyone’s had a turn they can use the pull strings on the bottom to let out all the candy! A great activity that even the parents might get in on!

Old-fashioned Piston Cup Cars Race
A car race can be done in a variety of different ways for the kids to win the piston cup! You can have a typical foot-race which may not be fun for some kids so try one of these non-athletic just as exciting versions. For each game you can give the winner a small prize (car candy works great as a small prize).
Wind-Up Car race: Using small-inexpensive pull back cars have the kids wind up their car and see who can make it the furthest!
Diecast Ramp Race: Using your child’s hot-wheels or matchbox cars, you can actually buy Disney Cars Hot Wheels, let them roll a car down a ramp to see who goes the furthest!
Disc Launcher Race: Using Disney Cars disc launchers have all the kids shoot their disc launchers from the same location. The furthest disc wins!

Tractor Tipping
Lightning McQueen learns all about Mater’s favorite late night pastime in the movie: tractor tipping. Create your own spin on this hilarious scene from the film by digging through your kids’ toy bin for a few toy tractors, or picking up a set of mini tractors. Set the tractors on a table and tie a piece of string to the back end. Have each child take a turn pulling on the strings to tip the tractor over. The fun catch: they have to tip the tractor on its back, just like in the movie, and see how many tractors they can tip properly within a set time frame. Grab a kitchen timer to count down the seconds!

Put the stickers on McQueen
In the film, Sally nicknames McQueen “stickers” due to the sponsor stickers that cover his body. Create a Cars version of the old party favorite “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with a large image of Lightning McQueen and some stickers. You can either print out a large picture of Lightning McQueen, or buy a poster to use. This Lightning McQueen poster is a perfect choice because it features McQueen without his trademark stickers. You can create your own stickers using printable sticker paper and your computer to print out some of McQueen’s famous sticker’s such as the number 95 and the Rusteze Medicated Bumper Ointment. They will have a great laugh when they take off the blindfold and see where they have managed to decorate McQueen! To make it easier, you can pick up a sheet of Cars stickers. Use caution when removing them for the next guest to try, as they will tear if you pull them off too fast. Or just leave them on and see how the car is decorated!

Disney Cars Craft Activities
Here are a few craft activities that the kids may enjoy.

Create a License Plate
color your 3D carLet your party guests create their very own license plate with these blank license plates. Alternatively, you can cut out cardboard rectangles to make it look like license plates. Decorate the license plates with permanent markers, glitter and stickers like these Cars character stickers or even letter stickers to spell a word. Encourage the guests to think up funny and interesting six or seven letter “phrases” just like on a real vanity plate, or let them use their name or a character from the film instead.

Color your 3D car
Kids love having something in their hands especially cars. With this 3D-color-your-car they get to color their very own car and then put it together to make a 3D car. They’ll love running around with their car!

Hopefully the ideas above make your party a memorable one for all the kids!