Disney Cars Party Decorations

disney cars party decorations wall decalDecorating for a Cars party is fun and easy. The decorations can be as simple or as complex as you would like, from creating an entire race track theme to bringing the town of Radiator Springs to life. There are plenty of ways to set the perfect scene for an engine-revving good time! We have listed a few ideas below that would create a terrific looking Cars themed party venue.

A great place to start is with a Happy Birthday banner, and the personalized Cars birthday banner from Celebrate Express is an excellent choice and ranges in price from $15.99 to $39.99 depending on the size you choose. This is a personalized canvas banner that has the birthday boy or girl’s name with McQueen and Mater on either side wishing them a very Happy Birthday. The Cars party banner might be overkill for most parents and if that is the case you can create your own banner by printing off large letters to spell “Happy Birthday _______”. Then using a hole punch and string tie them all together and hang it from the ceiling or wall. Of course, you can also buy an affordable and reusable simple Happy Birthday banner.

Radiator Springs Wall Decal
Turn a whole wall of your house into a scene from Radiator Springs as well as a built-in birthday banner with the giant decorating set (as seen above). It features McQueen and all his Radiator Springs pals in the desert, along with a Happy Birthday license plate. At 8 feet tall, this decoration will dominate the room and may just be the only decoration you really need! You can also have all the kids pose in front of it for pictures too!

Decorate the Air
disney cars mylar balloonBalloons are a classic party decoration, and you can use them to fill the air with Cars themed fun. Depending on your party theme you can choose plain balloons in red, black and white for an affordable option, and supplement them with a few Cars foil balloons. You can also add some checkered flag foil balloons or simply buy white and black balloons to create the race-flag decoration.

Get your décor taken care of all at once with a Cars party pack that includes everything you need. For $39.99 at Celebrate Express, you will get place settings for eight guests including plates, plastic flatware, as well as cups and napkins. The package also includes a tablecloth, Cars centerpiece for your table, regular balloons along with a foil Cars balloon, crepe paper and ribbon, and even the candles for your cake. Since everything is purchased in a package the price is lower than buying everything separately!

Homemade Party Decorations
There are also some great ways to create homemade party décor. Create Radiator Springs right in your home or party location by making some poster board signs that showcase the various famous businesses in the small town. Start by creating a “Welcome to Radiator Springs” sign for the front door, letting guests know they have arrived in Lightning McQueen’s favorite town. Throughout the room place signs like the simple logo for Flo’s V-8 Café, an 8 inside of a large V, and Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, another simple logo. The movie will let you get a closer look at the various business signs or you can purchase a Disney Cars poster.

Another great way to create homemade party decorations is to go with the race track angle instead of Radiator Springs. Create the excitement of the race track by decorating with a checkered flags theme. You can easily create checkered flags by using black and white paper. You can place a race-track on the floor for the kids to run around or on the wall for their enjoyment. Just be sure to stagger the white and black pieces to create the effect!

Green race flags can be created with wood dowels, green fabric and fabric or wood glue. Simply cut the wood dowels to the desired length (approx 16 inches). Next, cut out the fabric into a rectangle and along the short edge apply a layer of glue. Now wrap the fabric around the wood dowel place a weight on it for the glue to dry. These can be hung on the wall or even given out as Cars theme party favors!

Hopefully these ideas help you to create a great cars decorated venue and that the kids love your decorations!